Christina and Peter

Christina meets Peter for the first time.

  • Jellyfish in the Sky - Christina is first seen watching Peter Rumancek as he sleeps he then wakes up to find her watching him. They strike up a conversation. Eventually Christina notices that his index and middle fingers are the same length which means he’s a werewolf. Peter seems amused by her earnestness and how she basically blurts everything she’s thinking, so he confirms that he is, in fact, a very scary werewolf. The town Sheriff rolls by in a truck, staring at them suspiciously. Peter wants nothing to do with the police so he and Christina part ways. While at school Christina sees Peter walking he greets her warmly, but she shuts him down. Christina then spreads the rumor of Peter being a werewolf after the killings in Hemlock Grove starts.

  • The Angel - Christina is getting ready for the dance with her friends, Alexa and Alyssa Sworn, daughters of Sheriff Tom Sworn. She tells them about her crush on Tyler, a boy who apparently went out with Letha Godfrey. They all then get dropped off by Sheriff Tom. Tyler meets up with Christina, and the two lovebirds leave the dance floor to awkwardly sit in a stairwell to have a conversation who eventually ask her out on a date which she agrees to.

Christina and Lisa

Christina kisses Lisa's corpse.

  • The Order of the Dragon - While walking through the woods Christina comes across the body of a girl torn in half. Thinking it was a joke body and that someone was pranking her she decides to kiss the corpse’s mouth. She then realizes her mistake when she looks down and sees maggots eating away on the dead girl’s fleshy bits and then she screams very loudly. Dr. Chausser goes to meet with Christina and ask her if she can remember any other details about stumbling upon the body. Christina however avoids the subject by talking about being a novelist, before getting to the point and saying that she didn't see any marks because "he didn't leave any."

  • In Poor Taste - Christina is still having nightmares after her run-in with Lisa Willoughby’s corpse in the woods. She’s at a sleepover with her best friends, Alyssa and Alexa Sworn. The fraternal twins wake up when Christina starts mumbling and crying out in her sleep. The girls debate on whether or not to wake her up, but the decision is made for them when Christina bolts upright in bed and starts screaming and they both call out for their father. Christina gets sent to Hemlock Acres where they put her on medication. She eventually goes back to Alyssa and Alexa’s house, who do their best to cheer her up… until Christina tells them about her kiss with Lisa’s corpse. Shocked they then just sit there in silence.

  • Hello, Handsome - At Hemlock High, Christina sees Peter on the way to class and tries to offer his condolences, but Christina won’t have any of it. As Peter walks away, she shouts after him "You won’t get away with it, you know!" and then runs off to cry in a corner. As she’s sobbing, she notices that a strand of her hair has turned white due to stress.

Christina and Tyler

Christina on her date with Tyler.

  • The Crucible - In the mall Alexa and Alyssa Sworn are helping Christina Wendall get ready for a date with Tyler. The twins spot Letha and Peter on their mini-date and start making fun of them, but Christina looks totally unamused. The twins then try to turn Christina into another version of then until Jenny Fredericks goes to give Christina some advice that she is beautiful and that it's what different about her that will make guys remember her making the twins hate her as she walks away. Christina then runs out of the store saying that she needs to go across the street to find her grandmother. Christina and Tyler’s movie date has seemingly gone pretty well, because we next see them joking about the awfulness of the movie and the awesomeness of each other. Until Tyler tries to kiss her. Christina then gets a flashback to her unfortunate kiss with Lisa’s corpse and then does her best to scratch Tyler’s eyes out, screaming all the while. We then see that Tyler is being treated by a medic in an ambulance and Christina is being questioned.

  • What Peter Can Live Without - Christina is back in the hospital, once again traumatized. Her best friends Alyssa and Alexa come to visit and, seeing how lonely the hospital must be for Christina, ask their father Sheriff Sworn if they can bring her to stay with them. He tells them he understands, but that it might be best if Christina continue to stay at the hospital for awhile longer, at Dr. Norman Godfrey’s recommendation. Later at Hemlock Hospital, Norman goes on a walk around the grounds with Christina. More and more of her hair has gone white from the stress of her situation. She starts talking to Norman about Francis Pullman, the man who had died via needle shoved into his brain, and once again accuses Peter of murder.
  • What God Wants - Over at Hemlock Acres, Norman Godfrey is visiting Christina in her hospital room. Their meeting is a short one, and when he leaves to go home for the night, he runs into the Sheriff in the halls, who asks after Christina’s well-being.


Christina's hair turns full white after she hears of the murder of her best friends.

  • The Price - Christina’s hair has now gone full-on white after hearing of the deaths of her best friends, Alyssa and Alexa Sworn. When Norman Godfrey comes in to visit her, she remains unresponsive. When Roman heads into the hospital to fetch some blankets and sheets for Peter, he runs into Christina in the halls. She says some creepy ominous stuff and disappears when Roman turns his back to her for a second. Christina goes missing in the middle of the night, as a hysterical Sheriff Sworn discovers when he goes to visit her.


Christina turning into the Vargulf.

  • Children of the Night - Letha Godfrey is at home making a cup of tea when white-haired Christina pops up out of nowhere. Sweet, kind-hearted, darling Letha immediately brings her in out of the cold, even though Christina is acting oddly she doesn't want anyone to know where she is and made sure that Norman wasn't home before entering the house. As Letha turns to make a cup of tea for her guest, Christina smirks at the other girl’s back and mutters "Stupid fucking bitch" under her breath. Letha (who didn't hear the statement) asks Christina why she left the hospital, and Christina tells her it wasn't safe there, that "it" was coming for her, and that she wants to warn Letha that it’s coming after her as well. Peter and Roman arrive at Letha’s house. They’re surprised to see Christina there. Christina and Peter trade awkward greetings, and Christina even later apologizes for telling everyone that Peter is a werewolf. Letha, Christina, Peter and Roman go back to the abandoned church. Christina has a bit of a breakdown, telling Peter between giggles that she kissed him once when he was sleeping because she wanted to know what it felt like, so she could write about it. She then tells him that’s why she researched how to turn into a werewolf. Christina admits that she drank water from werewolf-Peter’s paw print after a full moon, and it turned her into a werewolf. Not just any werewolf, either, but the vargulf. When Peter asks Christina why she went to Letha’s house, if she meant to kill her that night, Christina answers that she did it out of jealousy, that she wanted to feel Letha die by her hands. She tells Peter that he can kill her as long as he doesn't hate her :You made me. I’m yours." and that he should do it while she’s still human. Peter doesn't do that. He watches in shock and horror as Christina begins to turn into the vargulf and begins to speak to him, telling him that Christina “didn't know, and she’s very, very sorry for everything that happened.” When the transformation finalizes, a pure white wolf stands there growling at Peter… who backs slowly away then slathers bacon grease onto his face. Roman holds back a screaming Letha as Peter approaches the wolf… Who then savages his face off.

Christina Dead

Christina's neck is snapped by Shelley.

  • Birth - In a flashback to that summer, when Peter and Christina were still friends. Christina’s hanging out in the Rumanceks’ living room rattling off a story about one of her friends as Peter surreptitiously takes a few swigs of his beer. When Christina reveals her worries over feeling weird and different from everyone else at her high school, Peter’s quick to encourage her, leading to a somewhat sweet bonding scene. Back in present day, Letha is still struggling with the church doors as Roman faces off with wolf Christina. Just when things are starting to look very, very bad for both Roman and Letha, Peter comes back now in his black werewolf form, having made the necessary sacrifice and thus begins the final showdown between Peter and Christina. Christina’s desire for destruction seems to be even stronger than Peter’s desire to protect his friends, however, and Christina ends up biting into Peter’s neck with a sickening crunch noise. As she turns back around to growl menacingly at a shocked Letha and Roman, quickly thumping footsteps behind her reveal the amazing Shelley Godfrey. She pulls Christina away from her family members and then snaps the wolf’s neck. After Christina's funeral the camera zooms in slowly onto Christina Wendell’s tombstone, and as we inch closer and closer we start to hear screaming from underground meaning she is alive.