Death Stare
Death Stare
Function To kill someone by staring at them.

Death Stare is the telekinetic power to kill someone with a severe hemorrhaging in the head and face simply by looking at them, usually with eye contact or looking at their faces. If used to full power, it could cause the victim to explode into blood, though usually when the victim was smaller that a grown human.


Death Stare is a power that is unique to Nadia only which is why she is referred as "the beast". Nadia's "Death Stare" seems to work the same way and upir's Mesmerization works by a stare or glance. Due to her unusually bright blue eyes she is able to kill someone by just staring at them. She was also able to make a monkey explode at The Godfrey Institute. However when this is done with people their eyes and ears begins to bleed and a cracking sound appears this goes on until the person is dead. It was Peter who first described the power as being telekinetic in nature.

Known UsersEdit