Destiny & Peter

Destiny and Peter at her apartment.

  • Order of the Dragon - A brown hair beauty who seems to be a "lady of the night" is seem about to have sexual relations with a nervous couple of are interested in a three-way. However she does not go through with it but cons them into thinking that she is possessed by an evil spirit. The couple run out of her apartment giving Destiny all the money they had. Peter then appears are Destiny greets him and closes the door to freshen up. Peter tells her about the vargulf and she warns him it will kill again but the vargulf is short lived. Destiny wants him to be careful and stay out of the way nature will take its course and the vargulf will destroy itself in time. When Peter haltingly questions if there’s any way that he could help it, Destiny seems surprised, but says putting a bullet in the vargulf’s brain before the next moon cycle would probably work. Then Peter tells her about Roman who is an Upir that he knows that Peter is a werewolf and his cousin freaks. Peter tells her that he and Roman share the same dreams. Destiny tells him to run before it’s too late for him.

Possessed Destiny

Destiny being possessed by the spirit of Lisa Willoughby.

  • Hello, Handsome - Destiny is leading a "client" out of her apartment who she crushed a couple of blue pills in his tea. Peter visits her this time with Roman. She immediately starts to read Roman's palm but does not tell him what she sees. Peter then pulls out a jar of intestines that him and Roman stole from the corpse of Lisa Willoughby. She then take a worm and put it into the jar and leaves it over night. The next day after the worm had filled up on the guts of Lisa Destiny took it out of the jar and summoned the Soul of Lisa Willoughby. After her soul was summoned Peter ask her questions about the Vargulf which she answer before Destiny vomited the worm and released Lisa's soul. Destiny then leaves. Destiny comes back after cleaning up and tells Peter to be careful around Roman and his mother. She then tells him what she had read in his palm, Peter tries to leave but not before telling him why Nicolae was afraid of Upirs. Peter is about to leave when he ask Destiny about angels and Destiny tells him that "Angels are messengers that help us better understand God".

  • Measure of Disorder - After Lynda had made a deal with Olivia Godfrey to make a special eye-drops for $5,000 a bottle she went to Destiny's Apartment to celebrate. They open a bottle of champagne where they then begin to talk about Roman, Peter and the Vargulf. Lynda then ask Destiny if she is seeing but she laughs and says "Are we telling real scary stories now?" as they both then laugh.

Hemlock Grove-Destiny121

Destiny seeing Clementines future.

  • What Peter Can Live Without - Dr. Clementine Chasseur pays a visit to Destiny Rumancek a visit and begins asking questions about Peter. Destiny isn't having any of that, though she tells Chasseur that that isn't what she came here for, and that she’s sensing some internal conflict in the hunter. Chasseur owns up to it admitting that she’s afraid she’s lost her way and that she’s losing faith. When Destiny looks at Chasseur’s hands she sees that Chasseur has been searching. Chasseur needs to know, and asks Destiny to show her. And then they have sex. Afterwards Destiny tries to tell Chasseur that Peter isn't who she’s looking for, and it’s unclear whether or not her words got through to the hunter.

  • The Price - When Roman goes to visit Destiny explains to Roman that this is Peter’s fight not Roman’s and that if Peter wants to fight the vargulf he has to do it as a wolf. To turn into a wolf when "the moon is wrong" however that comes at a price which only Peter knows the answer. Destiny agrees to help them and collects the requisite materials and gives them to Roman. Before Roman had left Destiny told him to tell Peter "I love you" and then tells Roman "YouSahastrara sometimes it glows" leaving Roman confused.

Destiny & Roman

Destiny attempting to help Roman find Shelley.

  • Birth - After the battle between Peter and the vargulf Peter and his friends are victious and he goes to his cousin Destiny's apartment to rest. Destiny is seen in the kitchen listening to Letha talk to Lynda about Peter's turning and resurrection which Destiny herself admits that she does not quite understand either. Later Roman goes to visit Destiny to help track down Shelley with her magic nut Shelley isn't answering and Roman refuses to believe that she is dead. Roman tells Destiny that he is not going to give up because Shelley needs him however Destiny ask him if he is sure that is not he needs her and comforts him as he is about to sob over his sister. When Peter tells Roman and Destiny that Letha is about to give birth both Destiny and Roman become exited. As Roman is about to leave Destiny gets an intuition and tells Roman "To be the still point in the turning world is a warrior's greatest feat" and then tells them to go.