Destiny reunites with her beloved cousin.

  • Blood Pressure - Destiny drives up in her car to a funeral for a man named "Papa Joe". While she changes her clothes an old man watches girl but not before Destiny flips him off and walks away. Shen then heads into the house where the funeral is being held to pay her respects there she reunites with her cousin Peter and catch up. Peter then mentions plans to go to Seattle in a few weeks with his Lynda and inviting Destiny along for the ride. Destiny extricates herself from the conversation because she "hasn't peed in 200 miles". Shortly afterwards she’s approached by a man who apparently knew her when they were little named Andreas Vasilescu. They flirt for a while and then have sex in the kitchen. Cop outside gather around the house and begin to arrest people including Lynda. Later Peter and Destiny go to a lawyer in an attempt to bail Lynda out. After listing out a list of ridiculous crimes the lawyer informs the Rumanceks that the FBI is making a case that the Romani is an organized criminal enterprise. Lynda is being made an example of, so she’s going to be sent back to Hemlock County to face charges. Destiny kindly offers to let him crash at her place so Lynda has family nearby for support but it might end up being for naught because the lawyer’s fee is $20,000. On the drive back to Destiny’s place, Destiny suggests Peter ask Roman to loan him the money and take the opportunity to "mend fences." As they cross into Hemlock Grove.


Destiny using her powers to help Peter decipher his dreams.

  • Gone Sis - In the morning Peter is walking down a street when a truck rolls up and out spills Andreas who has come to see Destiny. When Destiny finds Andreas outside she jumps into his arms and starts to kiss him. After another one of Peter's future seeing dreams Peter asks Destiny to help him interpret his dream. Destiny agrees and uses her powers and a psychoactive spit from Peter spit. While using her magic she’s attacked by black tendrils spreading through her body and vomits up a black liquid then passes out. Fortunately peter was able to bring her back to consciousness.

  • Luna Rea - After Peter had left the Wagoneer Oasis trailer park and goes home Destiny berates him again for turning against the moon. She then checks out his injuries to see how much damage there is. After that she tells him that once he starts it’s going to be hard to stop and it could kill him if he keeps it up.

Hemlock 82.5

After breaking Lynda out of jail Destiny and Peter hug goodbye.

  • Hemlock Diego's Policy Player's Dream Book - Peter comes home where Destiny tells him they’re supposed to meet the lawyer today. After they had siting themselves in the lawyers office she says she doesn't have good news for them, there are new charges being put on Lynda’s case, and this could potentially put Lynda away for ten years. Turning on the wrong moon is having a terrible effect on Peter’s temper he throws a fit trashes the lawyer’s office, and runs off as Destiny goes after him. Peter and Destiny have gone straight to the prison to visit Lynda. Peter and Destiny lie to her about the lawyer having a good case to give her hope. Lynda tells them she’s being transferred soon. Later at her apartment Destiny cooks up a potion that spawns imaginary spiders all over the faces of the correctional officers taking Lynda to her new prison. When the officers run off in a panic, Peter, Andreas and Destiny roll up to break her out. Peter hands her a plane ticket to Romania and they rush off to the airport where Lynda says her goodbyes to everyone.


Destiny calling Miranda out on her belief she is conning Peter.

  • Such Dire Stuff - Andreas and Destiny throw a shindig with some family and friends but Peter’s not in the mood for partying, until Miranda shows up looking for him and ends up joining in. While Peter and Miranda are hanging out at the party Destiny obviously does not trust or like her. Miranda is about to leave in the morning when Destiny stops her and calls Miranda out on what Destiny believes is a con. It seems like Destiny is fine with Miranda conning money out of rich boy Roman but not when the con involves breaking Peter’s heart. After listening to the things that Destiny has to say Miranda leaves unharmed. Peter awoke some time later and asked Destiny who was one the couch with Andreas where had Miranda gone? Destiny then tells him everything especially how she does not trust her. Peter asks Destiny for the keys to her car so he can go and see her but Destiny tells him no. Andreas seeing the fight between the two cousins deiced to give Peter the car to his truck making Destiny a little upset.

  • Lost Generation - Over at Roman's House Destiny drops by and pays a visit to Miranda. They have an argument, before Miranda tries to shove Destiny out. Destiny gets a vision of snakes, blood, children with spikes coming out of their chins and other horrible things. Destiny warns Miranda of the danger but Miranda freaked out by the visions tells herself it’s another one of Destiny’s attempts to get her to leave Peter alone.

Hemlock Grove Drowned

Destiny being drowned by Miranda, Peter and Roman.

  • Unicorn - When Miranda had taken Nadia an was about to leave town with her she decided to go and see Destiny who then called Roman and Peter. Roman and Peter tell Miranda about them being an Upir and Werewolf which Miranda is having trouble to believe. After Nadia started fusing Roman attempted to touch her until Destiny threatens Roman with a knife. Peter and Roman then began to talk about their future predicting dreams and Miranda backs them up. Destiny reluctantly agrees to help. In the bathroom this prediction now involves drowning Destiny in ice water. All three of them holding her under though Miranda is not sure of doing it but is convinced to. Destiny gets a full vision of the masked people’s lair and that they are hunting down kids born with cauls. She also sees the face of the man he somehow senses her and when he stands up she is pushed from the vision. She tells them they’re looking for a specific child and are willing to kill all of these kids with cauls to get the right one including Nadia.

Destiny Vs. Masked Man

Destiny fighting one of the masked cultist. "Click to play"

  • Tintypes - Destiny is seen in her apartment with an older Romanian man who she pays to help Peter with his vargulfism. She asks "what are you going to do to him" in response the man says "It's best you do not know". Later at Roman's place the old Romanian man shows up to take Peter away for treatment which may kill him. Peter finds the timing rather vexing and he throws Destiny away, violently. Horrified he realized what he did and apologies desperately. He realizes the vargulf is affecting him and the man tells him if he doesn't get help, the next time he shifts the wolf will own him. At that point the butler gets pissed off at all the congregating in Roman’s home and starts ranting only to be shot by the cultist hunters. Miranda and Destiny run to the baby's safe room. While Peter and Roman fight of the masked men. Destiny comes out of the safe room and stabs one cultist in the groin but a second cultist knocks her down and starts strangling her. Peter kills the man by turning which this time turns him into a Vargulf. The next problem is the vargulf Destiny backs into the room with the vargulf growling and following her. Roman steps between the women and the wolf and tries to talk Peter down. That doesn't work so Roman rips the wolf in half and pulls Peter slowly out from its bloody carcass.


Destiny, Roman and Peter watch as Miranda and Nadia jump of the roof of The Godfrey Institute.

  • Demons and the Dogstar - After the death of the masked cultist everyone is doing their part to clean up. Roman and Peter disposing of all the murdered bodies and Miranda and Destiny get through several huge bottles of bleach to clean up the blood. Miranda however starts to break down until Destiny tries to clam the moment by pointing out they’re all alive. Anna who's crying over Conway's body then looks at Destiny as she shrugs. After running out of bleach Destiny leaves to get more. Destiny returns to Roman's place to find Miranda has gone to the doctors, she looks around and finds a bottle marked "post natal nutrition" but when she tastes it she has a vision of the Godrey institute and a snake. While Peter is sleeping at Destiny’s place. The drug dealer guy has found him, Destiny comes in just at the wrong time and becomes a hostage. Which leaves Peter with one option turning. Destiny tries to stop him but he just tells her to kill him afterwards, to keep herself safe. All such considerations end when Andreas shows up with a silenced pistol and kills the drug dealer. They then rush over at the The Godfrey Institute to join Roman as they all start to search for Miranda and the baby. Miranda has headed to the roof and Roman and Peter use dream vision to guide them with Destiny to the roof as well. They try to talk Miranda into not jumping but she does not listen to them she then jumps off the edge holding the baby, as she falls she releases the baby. And both of them are caught by an unknown flying creature. Leaving Roman, Peter and Destiny stunned without words. The creature then to everyone's surprise to be Dr. Arnold Spivak who then flies off.

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