Dr. Clementine Chasseur
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Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, United States






skinned and mauled

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Kandyse McClure



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The Order of the Dragon

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Children of the Night

God doesn't want you to be happy, He wants you to be strong.
— Clementine to Roman [src]

Dr Chasseur is a former Marine and US Fish & Wildlife Officer, who works off the books for the Order of the Dragon. She comes to Hemlock Grove to investigate the murders and track down the animal responsible. She is also shown to be a devout Christian, and can frequently be shown praying and speaking to her bishop and God.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Clementine's earlier life besides in a flashback where we see her being thrown into jail with a pregnant woman named Hermila who was also a werewolf Clementine eventually killed Hermila as part of her initiation to the Order of the Dragon. Chasseur also has a twin brother Michael who love each other and would do anything in their power for each other; she also had a long time history with Bishop, which might have gone back to the Order.

Season OneEdit


Clementine observing Lisa's death site.

  • The Order of the Dragon - Clementine Chasseur wakes up in a daze, pulls a pendant with a cross on it from around her neck and whispers to herself "He wants you to be strong." She then drags herself out of bed to get dressed and go to morning mass leaving behind a lover. As Clementine is walking out the door the lover says "Why do I do this to myself? All you know how to do is take." Clementine goes to meet an unnamed priest. He asks her about someone named "Michael" then shows her a newspaper article about a fatal mauling in Hemlock Grove. We next see Clementine approaching the Sheriff of Hemlock Grove, holding a badge proclaiming that she’s from Fish & Wildlife Services. He updates her on the case as they drive to the crime scene. Clementine looks through the forest floor and easily identifies several tracks, but can’t figure out what it was that killed Lisa Willoughby. When she somehow figures out that the body was left there as a version of a trophy she determines that whatever or whoever is responsible must be a creature capable of higher thinking and empathy. Clementine goes to meet with Christina and ask her if she can remember any other details about stumbling upon the body. Christina avoids the subject by waxing poetic about being a novelist before getting to the point and saying that she didn't see any marks because "he didn’t leave any." Later at the Rumancek Trailer ss Peter and Lynda pack their things into their car, about to take Destiny’s advice and move the hell out of dodge, Clementine drives up and starts to question Peter about being someone afflicted with “clinical lycanthropy”. That’s when a human believes that they’re a werewolf or some other non-human creature and then acts accordingly. Though Peter answers all her questions cheerfully and amiably, the look on her face shows she’s not convinced. Now that Peter’s on this lady’s radar, he and Lynda are unable to leave.

  • In Poor Taste - At Hemlock Acres, Dr. Norman Godfrey and Clementine are seen questioning Francis Pullman. Pulman maintains that he saw the creature that killed the girls – describing it as a "demon dog" with black fur, yellow eyes, and impossibly huge but Norman and Clementine look less than convinced. Clementine reveals that she used to be a soldier in an attempt to get Pullman to open up to her more, which actually works pretty well he tells her that he saw the monster "go for her lady part first." After Pullman leaves, Clementine and Norman admit that Pullman knowing that key detail about the case, when it hadn't been revealed to the public, makes his story a lot more credible than it sounds. Clementine asks Norman’s advice on what to do next and he suggests she go to the White Tower and ask for Dr. Johann Pryce asking only that she not mention Norman was the one who sent her there. Clementine is sitting in a coffee shop doing research on The Godfrey Institute and listening to a police scanner when she hears a call being made to Sheriff Sworn about some wolf droppings in the woods. She shows up uninvited and starts poking around before finding a long strand of hair in the pile of shit. She tries to do a preliminary analysis on the strand, but eventually decides it needs to be sent in to a lab for a more official report. The Sheriff hovers awkwardly around her until she invites him out for a drink. After a few shots the Sheriff loses his temper and questions her sanity and ability to do her job, recalling that one time when she very seriously asked Peter if he was a werewolf. Chasseur gets down to business then and outlines to him what it is they’re going to do she needs a hair sample from Lisa Willoughby, and is prepared to do anything to get it. Later they drives up to the cemetery and out steps Clementine and the Sherriff. When Chasseur and the Sheriff approach the grave, they instantly see it’s been disturbed. And then the Sheriff trip and falls right onto the fleshy intestine-y bits of Lisa Willoughby.


Clementine after killing Hermila and joining the Order of the Dragon

  • Hello, Handsome - Clementine is taking the advice that Norman gave to her last time about investigating the Godfrey Institute. She begins her questioning of Dr. Pryce, Dr. Pryce smugly informs Clementine he’s going to be recording this conversation. They get to talking about Johann’s research Johann asks what relevance that has to the "demon dog" or to Fish and Wildlife Services then denies Chasseur’s claim that one of the facility’s human subjects Francis Pullman. He does offer some insight he believes this is the premeditated work of a pathological sexual predator. Clementine raises an eyebrow and tells him that no person could cause that kind of damage to those girls barehanded. Dr. Pryce smirks, gets up, and demonstrates to her his superhuman strength by snapping his tape recorder into smithereens using only his fist. Which makes him a suspect. In her car outside the facility, Chasseur looks highly unsettled she glances uncertainly at her glove box several times before finally opening it pulling out a flask and taking several swigs. Clementine is startled when she almost immediately gets a phone call from the mysterious bishop who sent her out to Hemlock Grove. The guy knows that Clementine is "still drinking," though he does tell her that he trusts her before hanging up. Clementine gets a flashback of five years earlier in her life when she was thrown kicking and screaming into a prison that seems to be devoid to only Clementine and a heavily pregnant young woman who’s sharing her cell. The woman, Hermila tells Clementine that INS is lying about her being in the country illegally but that no one would listen to her. Neither does Chasseur, who motions for her to get up off the bed so Clementine can lie down. As Hermila parks herself on the other side of the prison cell, there’s a close up of the pendant around her neck St. Jude, the exact same pendant that Clementine has been shown praying with. After that mini-conversation and flashback Chasseur can’t bring herself to keep drinking from her flask so she tosses it back into the glove compartment. Clementine has broken off a long piece of rusted metal, and is attempting to sharpen it into a weapon. The woman sharing her cell tries to bond, hoping that Chasseur will take her along when she breaks out of jail. Chasseur reveals some details about her life that she’s a Marine, and that she has a brother named Micheal who is also a Marine. She tells Hermila that if she wants to escape with her she needs to work for it and sets the pregnant woman to work on sharpening the weapon. She and Hermila are making the final preparations for their escape. They embrace each other in an uncharacteristic show of emotion and then Hermila starts to scream for the guards to come help them as Chasseur grips the weapon behind her back. But then Hermila’s back starts to contort under the moonlight. It’s revealed that she’s a werewolf and that Chasseur has known that fact from the very beginning. Chasseur kills her with the very weapon that Hermila had helped make. Once she’s done, a man enters the cell and commends Chasseur on a job well done and tells her that she as successfully become a member of the "Order of the Dragon" which is a society of supernatural-creature-hunters. Chasseur looks regretfully back at Hermila’s mangled body, and quietly slips the bloody St. Jude necklace out of the woman’s grip.

  • Measure of Disorder - Clementine is doing some night sleuthing at the Godfrey Steel Mill when she is very rudely interrupted by Neck and Nose. Neck and Nose threaten to arrest her for trespassing as well, but Chasseur calmly points to what they should actually be concerning themselves with the bottom rotting half of Lisa Willoughby not five feet away from where they’re standing. Backup is called and Sheriff Sworn and Chasseur reunite only to throw pointed questions at each other. The Sheriff is starting to realize something is up with Chasseur and with this "animal attack" case. Roman is interrupted by Clementine, who’s come to interview Roman on what he knows about Peter. Roman keeps his word to Peter, but Roman tells her nothing about him being a werewolf though he does tell her about the ritual they did with Lisa Willoughby’s entrails. He offers his aid to her, but Clementine tells him she can’t do anything to help because "god doesn't want you to be happy, he wants you to be strong." Olivia walks in and breaks their little party up with a cold look and a few choice words. Before Chasseur leaves, she takes note of Olivia’s pair of expensive shoes an which left a very memorable print in the mud where Chasseur found Lisa.

  • Catabasis - Clementine is sneaking about an auto shop inspecting Roman’s car when Sheriff Sworn walks in and questions her. They have another one of their weirdly layered chats, but this time – instead of dancing around the issue, the Sheriff actually outright calls Chasseur out on her levels of shadiness. “If the issues involve – as your patch suggests, fish and wildlife – have at it. Otherwise, stay out of police business.” Chasseur agrees to stay out of police business, and then promptly breaks into Peter and Lynda’s house to poke around. She’s interrupted by the mysterious priest dude from before, who cheerfully tells her that he was concerned about her after their last conversation so he decided to pop in for a visit. Though she doesn't look all that pleased to see him, Chasseur updates Mr. Priest Man on what she’s found out so far. She tries to tell him about Olivia Godfrey, but he’s suspiciously quick to shut that avenue of questioning down, and orders her to “bring him Peter Rumancek.” Chasseur looks pretty unhappy about this. While in Roman's coma Clementine tells Roman that it’s not his fault he’s weak, that he needs to undergo an ordeal to mark his movement from child to adult and then dips her hands into a the pool of blood and smears it onto his shirt in the shape of a circle, which I suppose is meant to be Ouroboros. She goes on to shove a silver spoon into Roman’s mouth before laughing that his birthright means nothing because the Dragon is going to eat him alive. Later in real life Clementine goes to ask Olivia questions but doesn't actually ask any of the questions.

Clementine and Destiny

Clementine and Destiny at Destiny's apartment.

  • What Peter Can Live Without - Clementine who seems to be going through some issues. The stress of the case is definitely getting to her, along with her resurfacing memories of the first werewolf woman she’d killed. She flashes back to her Order of the Dragon initiation ceremony, and the promise she’d made to rid the world of the "enemies of God." Chasseur is showing signs of doubt in her faith as well as she mutters to herself that even though her bishop told her the killer werewolf must be Peter Rumancek, she still doesn't believe it. Later Chasseur is paying Destiny Rumancek a visit and jumps straight into asking about Peter. Destiny isn't having any of that though she tells Chasseur that isn't what she came here for and that she’s sensing some internal conflict in the hunter. Clementine owns up to it pretty quickly admitting out loud that she’s afraid she's lost her way and that she’s losing faith. When Destiny looks at Chasseur’s hands she sees that Chasseur has been searching. Chasseur needs to know and asks Destiny to show her and then they have sex. Afterwards, Destiny tries to tell Clementine that Peter isn't who she’s looking for, and it’s unclear whether or not her words got through to the hunter. Peter runs off to Chasseur’s hotel room, asking if he can talk to her. The woman lets him in but not without very pointedly showing him her gun. Peter paces anxiously around the room and tells Chasseur he has a bad feeling about tonight, and that he wants her to make sure that no more girls get killed specifically. Chasseur makes her promises as she stands up menacingly gripping her gun. Chasseur has interpreted Peter showing up on her doorstep as a sign from god that regardless of whether or not Peter is the murderer, god wants her to kill him anyways. She speaks out loud to an empty room, saying that she’s going to do this one last thing for him, and then "you and me, we’re through."

Clementine locked up

Clementine caged up by Olivia

  • What God Wants - Clementine is looking over some files in her hotel room. She calls her twin brother, Micheal, to tell him that she’s leaving the Order after this one last job. Michael somewhat feels the same way, and asks his sister if the Order is going to just let her leave. Chausser asks him to help her, and he promises. Clementine is existing a gun and ammo shop when she gets a call from Bishop, who tells her that he got a disconcerting phone call from her brother, Michael. Chasseur does her best to reassure Bishop that everything is okay. She then drives straight to where Sheriff Sworn is lecturing the Hemlock Police Department on where their posts are for that night. The Sheriff is once again fed up with Chasseur showing up uninvited. Later at the Godfrey Steel Mill Peter turns and Chausser is waiting right on top of rafters for him with a sniper rifle and a ketamine tranquilizer. She incapacitates Peter easily and dismisses Roman’s protests by telling him that Peter is "not your friend, he’s not even a person." Clementine makes him Roman leave by putting a knife to Peter’s neck and threatening to kill him. Her parting words for him are "God doesn't want you to be happy, he wants you to be strong." The camera reveals Olivia Godfrey hiding behind a pillar. Once she’s done packing Peter away into his cage Chasseur makes a phone call to Bishop, who tells her not to kill Peter but to bring him back to the Order. Though she agrees to do so, the instant she hangs up her phone she pulls a knife out and prepares to kill Peter, what she describes as "saving him". Olivia makes her move using her mesmerizing to render Chasseur powerless even as she shoots her gun at Olivia.

  • The Price - The final moments of the episode we discover that Chasseur is alive. However, she’s severely beaten up and trapped in a cage in some unknown location.

Clementine Skinned

Clementine after being flayed by Olivia.

  • Children of the Night - Clementine is still alive we see her struggling to get out of the burlap sack and cage she’s stuck in. She’s in the ruins of the Godfrey Steel Mill. With some effort, she manages to break through her bindings and begins to pick the cage’s lock. Chasseur’s attempts at freeing herself are interrupted when Olivia walks in and starts recounting a story about her and her cousins. When she was a kid, they would play a game called "wolves in the wood" Olivia would lay still on a bed of moss as her cousins prowled around the edge of the forest, growling. When she finally moved they would pounce on her and commence their tickle torture. Clementine gets the cage open however the camera cuts away just as we hear her screaming. We then see that Clementine's skin has been eaten by Olivia. Olivia then calls Dr. Pryce to dispose of the body as he attempts to Clementine is still alive but is beyond medical care so out of mercy Johann suffocates her to make the process go by quicker.


A no-nonsense individual who has steeled herself to do what she considers her duty. She often repeats the phrase, "God doesn't want you to be happy; he wants you to be strong," to convince herself to do some of the most gruesome things in her line of work. In her introduction, it is shown she has no stable relationships with her girlfriends. She is also haunted by her first kill, a pregnant female werewolf, Hermilla, whom she was sent to murder by The Order of the Dragon. Chasseur is frequently shown wearing or holding a silver necklace that belonged to the werewolf. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

In the book, she is described as a "petite black woman." In the show, she is portrayed by Kandyse McClure. She is petite, being around five feet tall, and she has an athletic build. She has a medium skin tone, her eyes are a light hazel, and her hair is shoulder-length and dark.



  • Bishop Francis: Bishop Francis was the man who anointed Clementine during her ceremony into the Order of the Dragon. He had also told Clementine that she was his favorite member of the Order. Bishop would always watch Clementine to make such she is on the right path however Clementine started to lose her faith in the order. Bishop was also Clementine's adviser who would give her, her assignments or "jobs".

  • Michael Chasseur: Clementine's twin brother, who is,at first, featured in flashbacks. Their relationship is strained, but in What God Wants she finally calls him and asks for help to leave the Order. She doesn't get the leave, however, since she is killed shortly after. In Birth, Bishop tells him Roman Godfrey murdered Clementine, and he spends Season 2 trying to find proof of this so he can avenge his sister's death, showing the strength of the siblings' bond.

  • Destiny Rumancek: A strictly physical relationship. Originally, Clementine came to her for professional advice, but it soon turned into sex. Clementine left money, indicating she regarded this as a service.


  • Clementine in Latin the meaning of the name Clementine is from 'clemens' meaning mild or merciful.
  • Chasseur is the French word meaning "hunter".

“God doesn’t want you to be happy, He wants you to be strong”