Pryce being interrogated by Sheriff Tom along with Norman.

  • Jellyfish in the Sky - Dr. Pryce is first seen coming out of a classified room when Norman is tasked with introducing the Sheriff to Dr. Pryce so they can discuss details of Brooke’s case. Norman and Pryce clearly do not like each other but Pryce keeps a fake smile towards Norman. Pryce tells them it’s definitely an animal attack though he doesn't know what kind so the police can rule out any suspects on two legs. The Sheriff However tells him that there was no animal tracks left and the crime scene which Pryce has no answer to. The Sheriff then tells him that Brooke's phone was on when it happened and that the suspect wanted here to watch, Pryce tells him that it is most common in animals and that they like to keep their victim alive as long as possible. With no more question for Pryce he leaves to go back to his research.


Pryce showing Shelley a flower that represents a "promise/gift".

  • In Poor Taste - At The White Tower Pryce and Olivia are taking a stroll through the Institute when Pryce begins to ask about Norman which Pryce says he has no ill will towards. He then ask if Olivia has spoken to Norman about selling his share of the White Tower to the Lod Company but Olivia tells him it's not the right time. They both then head over to Shelley who is waiting for them and Pryce gives her a check-up. Olivia wants Letha to have the baby at the Tower, and has commissioned a contractor to build an obstetrics wing for that exact purpose. Olivia starts hearing the voices again, distressed she runs out for some fresh air. Pryce redirects his attention back to Shelley and show her a flower that he keeps in a glass jar which he calls a promise of more to come for Shelley.

Pryce & Clementine

Johann being interrogated by Clementine.

  • Hello, Handsome - In a flash-black 16 years from today a car screeches to a stop at The Godfrey Institute. Norman and J.R. Godfrey come out in a hurry with a small coffin which they then give to Dr. Pryce. The body in the coffin is revealed to be a deceased Shelley Godfrey who he later reanimates. Present day a women by the name of Clementine Chasseur comes to interrogate Johann about the recent murders in Hemlock Grove. She begins her questioning of Dr. Pryce who informs Clementine he’s going to be recording this conversation. Clementine starts to ask questions about Johann’s research Johann asks what relevance that has to the "demon dog" or to Fish and Wildlife Services. He does offer some insight he believes this is the premeditated work of a pathological sexual predator. Clementine tells him that no person could cause that kind of damage to those girls bare handed. Dr. Pryce gets up and demonstrates to her his superhuman strength by snapping his tape recorder into smithereens using only his fist which makes him a suspect in Clementine's investigation. Pryce is in his office recording his research when Norman comes in angry and starts to question him about Ouroboros which Pryce calmly answers. They then begin to talk about Shelley and her reanimation where Norman warns him if he had anything to do with why she looks like that he will have him killed and to tell the Lod LLC who is trying to buy Norman's shares in the Institute to "go fuck themselves" and walks away. Pryce goes back to his voice recording. Later that night Pryce goes up to Shelley's bedroom tells her not to tell Norman anything about Ouroboros because it is that important and Shelley reluctantly agrees. at an event at The White Tower Letha feels overwhelmed by her pregnancy and throws up, Dr. Pryce tries to help but is pushed away by Norman.


Pryce about to sedate Roman into a coma.

  • Catabasis - After Roman loses control of his car he gets out and sees the bright lights of The White Tower shining through the trees and darkness and rain, and a tiny little light-bulb turns on above his head. Roman heads in and begins to look around he then finds an ominous looking door when he can't get past the doors the conventional ways he pulls a welding torch and starts towards the doors. Before he could do anything Dr. Pryce swoops in from seemingly out of nowhere and calmly asks Roman to please put the torch down. Roman angrily asks Pryce about Ouroboros, and why the symbol keeps popping up in his dreams and his life. Dr. Pryce placates Roman by taking him along past the doors which leads to a room empty of everything besides a big box emitting a blue glow. This, Pryce says, is Project Ouroboros. Roman only gets a split-second look inside the box before Pryce slams a syringe deep into Roman’s neck and knocks him out. A contrite Pryce later tries to explain to Olivia that he only gave Roman a sedative, and there is no physiological reason for why he’s refusing to wake up. Pryce is doing his self-narration into a voice recorder and gloats about how his master plan is going swimmingly (the master plan being: show Roman the Ouroboros, then put Roman in a coma so no one would believe his story even if he were to wake up.)

  • What God Wants - In an archival footage Roman thinks back about how he needed up in his coma. He then remembers Pryce lifting him up against the mysterious box and gives him a syringe deep into his neck.

  • The Price - In the ruins of the steel mill Pryce wearing white rubber gloves walks up to Olivia who is taking another hit at her eye drops. He tells her "your dogcatcher has been taken care of." and is there anything else she needs done Olivia tells him no and goes to change her clothes.

Clementine Skinned

Johann kneeing over Clementine's flayed body..

  • Children of the Night - Olivia has finished her Clementine-flavored meal and has called Dr. Pryce to dispose of the body. Pryce is upset and that this kill has sloppy and reckless. Olivia begins wonder why Pryce is getting so worked up about her when she realizes that he had feelings for her which he does not denies. They then get into an argument when Pryce reveals that Lod LLC the company who wants to buy out Norman’s share of the company had something to do with sending Chasseur to Hemlock Grove. After a little more conversation, Olivia orders Pryce to "clean it up" and walks away. Pryce rounds the corner to find Chasseur still alive, but barely, because she’s been flayed from the waist up. Pryce offers her a few kind words before suffocating her to death and then gets to work disposing of the body.


Johann confronting Norman after the death of Letha.

  • Birth - When Letha goes into labor she goes to The White Tower to deliver her baby. A code omega is called in her OR and all available staff rush to her aid, however it’s too late, Letha and her baby are dead leaving Norman, Roman, and Peter are absolutely destroyed. Norman pulls her lifeless body off the operating table and brings her to Dr. Pryce begging him to save her to bring her back the way he brought back Shelley. Pryce regretfully tells Norman that that’s impossible because she’s too old, he can only bring back the bodies of babies like Letha's child but Norman only cares for his daughter. Norman collapses onto the floor in his grief as Pryce joins him and says, "I'm sorry. I'm… not God." Later on, alone in his office, Pryce himself succumbs to tears and rage as he shatters his glass desk with his bare hands. Later at the White Tower a Dr. Pryce is seen having someone zip up Olivia’s corpse in a body bag saying "Well... I suppose we can find room" with a smile on his face.

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