Johann helping Olivia recuperate after her reanimation.

  • Blood Pressure - In The Godfrey Institute where Pryce is attending a board meeting with the new CEO of Godfrey Industries. Roman swiftly interrupts the presentation with pictures from his recent vacation in Maui. Roman brings up that the company’s current target demographic with organ printing is going to die out soon and they should focus on making repeat customers out of the youthful, Johann doesn't like that. Roman tells Johann that he’s the head of the company now and he’s not going to stand for anything like this. We next see Olivia who has been reanimated by Pryce. Pryce is helping Olivia recuperate from her death and her huge change in accent is explained by "dead body relearning how to speak takes time." Pryce updates her on Roman’s comings and goings musing on how he must be dealing with the "hunger". Back at Godfrey Institute, Pryce and a Russian scientist, Dr. Galina, inspects one of his projects, Project Ouroboros which turns out to be an artificially created blonde girl floating in a glass box.


Pryce finds Norman in his office.

  • Gone Sis - Over at the Rehabilitation Center Olivia talks to Pryce about a memory she had of Roman as a child as Pryce helps her exercise her body. Pryce tells her what she's feeling is empathy due to her reanimation. They both worry what Roman's going to do about the research funding and his blood-lust. Back at the Godfrey Institute Norman has infiltrated Pryce's office to ask for Letha's medical reports since Pryce had only sent Marie the death certificate. Norman does not believe that Letha died of a postpartum embolism but by Pryce and that Pryce is trying to cover it up. If Letha had really died of this then Pryce would have run an EKG scan but Letha had already died. Norman asks Pryce why did he cremate Letha's body instead of doing an autopsy. Pryce tells him that he signed the paper to authorize the cremation but Norman was out of his mind with grief and would sign anything that Pryce had up in front of him at the time. Pryce apologizes for Letha's death her complications were rare and tragic but they happened. Norman is about to leave but not before he announces that he and Marie are suing the Institute and walks out leaving Pryce distressed.


Pryce threatening to leave the Institute.

  • Luna Rea - While Pryce and Dr. Galina is heading to his secret lad he is unaware that Roman has been following him. Pryce goes into a room where he disappears leaving Roman confused. While walking to a board meeting Pryce is stop by a woman who pretends to be a fan of his research but instead hands him a the service of process. In a board meeting Roman ask what is in the room and where did Pryce disappear to but Pryce acts as if he has no idea. Pryce threatens to walk out with his entire research team with all the scientist and 50% of the institute and reveal Roman’s daughter's existence and Roman threatens to hit Pryce with malpractice for signing that very baby’s death certificate. After Roman had left Pryce receives a phone call from Bishop Francis where Pryce states they need to wait longer, until Roman is at his most desperate, before showing him their secret. Apparently Olivia nearly killed Pryce the first time she got her treatments, and he wants to ensure Roman won’t use the secret against them. In his secret lab Pryce takes Dr. Galina into a secret room to work on a new project which is an enzyme inhibitor. Dr. Galina then starts to ask questions which Pryce does not like and tells her to stop asking questions it makes life more easier he then tells her that he needs it by the end of the week and walks out.

  • Bodily Fluids - While walking down the halls of the White Tower Pryce and Galina are discussing a new project which she gets to right away. After Marie had disappeared Norman charges into the Institute convinced that Pryce did something to her since she filed a lawsuit against him. Norman announces that if Pryce has anything to do with Marie's disappearance he will tear him and everything he works for down. While Pryce warns him saying "Start tearing down my house, you may be surprised by what comes crawling out of the rubble." The security have arrived but Johann pauses them as Norman walks away peacefully.


Pryce introducing Roman to the Upir Feeding Tank.

  • Hemlock Diego's Policy Player's Dream Book - Roman calls Pryce begging for his help when he realizes how powerful his blood-lust is and Pryce agrees to help him. At the Rehabilitation Center Pryce checks on how Olivia's tongue is healing which is quite nicely by him. He tells Olivia about the good news about Roman calling for his help but she shows no care since he called Pryce instead of his own mother. Pryce notices a cut on Olivia's leg that she accidentally did he tells her he'll update her on Roman and leaves. Back at the White Tower Pryce shows Roman Prycilla the first artifical human being. In another secret from Pryce introduces Roman to a Tank of "bodily fluids" which will help Roman with his feeding. When Roman gets one taste of this Roman begins to lose control Pryce tries to stop him but is overpowered. Roman gores down as much as he can before puking some back up and running away. Later Pryce reports back to Olivia on what happened. He also tells her the lab results came back on her symptoms and informs her that she seems to be aging at an accelerated rate to a normal human life span. Olivia says she needs to focus now on helping Roman which Pryce does not agree too and leaves. In the lab Dr. Galina is working on Prycilla when Pryce asks her for the enzyme inhibitor however she still needs a new days more. Pryce then threatened to expose Dr. Galina as a war criminal if she does not get him the enzyme quickly. Later in the middle of the night Roman breaks into Pryce’s bedroom and begs Pryce to help him because he doesn't want anyone else to die. Pryce agrees, but warns Roman that what he has in mind has never been done before.


Pryce telling Shelley they never gave up on her when she went missing.

  • Such Dire Stuff - Pryce keeps his word and helps Roman with his hunger. That help involves getting strapped into a machine and getting a painful full body blood/organ transfusion. However they are not using any pain medication because it would cause complications to the whole process so Roman is going to be awake during the whole thing. Pryce informs Roman that the session went very well and he’s only got five more to go to become a full human. In his office Olivia goes to confront Pryce about Roman’s new medical procedure. Pryce sees this as a good thing a mortal Roman with no supernatural powers will be much easier to manage and besides Roman hates Olivia and that isn't going to change anytime soon. Pryce suggests that Olivia turn her attentions to her granddaughter while Pryce keeps Roman preoccupied. In the dead of night Norman calls Pryce for help, he tells Pryce that he has found Shelley and he needs help with her injuries. Pryce saves her and says that she has lost her glow but has found her voice. Shelley asks about her uncle and he tells her Norman is gathering the family to see her.


Johann showing Shelley the "new" her.

  • Lost Generation - When Olivia, Shelley and Roman reunite Olivia tries to be motherly causing Roman to get angry because he believes Olivia is using Shelley. They both get into a little argument before Pryce ends up kicking them both out. After Olivia leaves Roman tries to sneak back to see Shelley but is stopped by Pryce declaring both Roman and Olivia to be toxic for a still-healing Shelley. Roman tells Pryce that he is uncomfortable that he is the one looking after Shelley but Johann declares that he cares more about Shelley than anyone else in the world. Roman is beginning to leave when Pryce stops him and tells him not to tell NO one that Shelley is here which Roman already knows not to do. Roman goes into the elevator as Pryce leaves Roman still sneaks in to see Shelley unknown to Pryce. Later Pryce takes Shelley to Project Ouroboros/Prycilla and tells her that he intends to map Shelley’s brain pattern onto the body. "This is the new you," Pryce declares. Shelley hugs Pryce in gratitude as Prycilla opens her eyes. Pryce finds a distraught Shelley on the roof of the Institute. He tells her everyone loves her and is happy she’s back, but Shelley believes she’s putting everyone in danger. She also tells him that the new body has a soul, she knows because they communicated and if getting a new body means replacing that girl’s soul, she doesn't want it. In an effort to convince Shelley to take the body, he shows her that Prycilla is just emulating Shelley, and that there’s no actual brain activity in the body. Once Shelley agrees to the procedure and leaves, Pryce plugs in the computer monitor and reveals that he knows Prycilla has brain activity and a soul after all, and he intends to kill her for Shelley. Pryce goes to Prycilla and shuts her life support off, telling her that he’s placing Shelley’s livelihood over his own success as a scientist.


Pryce telling Shelley that the first phase of the process is over.

  • Unicorn - . At The Godfrey Institute Johann continues his plan to upload Shelly’s brain into Prycilla, he studies Shelley's brain pattern on a hologram. Pryce has uploaded Shelley's neural networks to a server and then download it into Prycilla which will give Prycilla Shelly's mind, thoughts, memories, and personality. Pryce then tells her that they will need to dump Shelley's real boy in the woods since the police are still looking for her. Shelly has doubts about this however Johann thinks it’s perfect, especially since Shelly is wanted for murder. When Olivia goes to the feeding tank she uses a stool to get to the higher lever but takes a fall as Johann walks in and say "And that's why we don't we don't touch things we're not suppose to". Pryce and Dr. Galina during the cat scan Pryce finds a mass that is identified as a tumor meaning Olivia has cancer and referrers her to an oncologist.

HemlockGrove 95893

Shelley tells Johann she is ready to "die" and give up her old life.

  • Tintypes - Pryce enter a room where Roman is waiting for him, Pryce tells him that the treatments are working and after the last one he will be fully human. However Roman tries to leave because something has come up but Pryce stops him telling him if he leaves now then the treatments will stop working and all the pain would have been for nothing. Roman stays as Pryce goes to get him prepped. While Pryce is in his office Olivia burst in, she has found out what Pryce is doing with Shelley and Prycilla. Pryce tells her to cut the shit because Olivia has never cared about her children especially Shelley. She calls down and tells Pryce she's dying she ask him to save her with one of his research but Pryce tells her that her Upir DNA will not match any of all his human research. Pryce then figure out that Olivia has been talking to Dr. Galina, he then tells her that her has the best oncologist but Olivia doesn't believe him (because she knows that feeding and killing Prycilla will cure her) and leaves. In a pit of rage Pryce goes to his secret lab shouting looking for Galina. Later Pryce comes to check in on Shelley where he tells her that everything is a success but Shelley could already feel happening. Shelly thanks him and Pryce tells her that it now time for phase three: "killing Shelley's current body." and Shelly is ready. Only Norman and Roman will be told about Shelley after the process, Shelly tells him this is what she wants and that she wants Olivia to think she's dead. After Roman does not go through with the final treatment Pryce and Olivia go for a walk through where Olivia says that she is okay with living a normal life and she wants to start over with Norman, Roman and Shelley. They then enter the room of the Upir Feeding Tank to finding Dr. Galina inside dead.


Pryce finds his life's work killed by Olivia.

  • Demons and the Dogstar - Pryce kind of thanks Roman for what he did to Galina because she was becoming a liability. Roman ask Pryce to take care pf the people he killed that came and attacked him, his daughter and his friends. Pryce begins to ask questions about who they were but Roman does not know, Johann agrees to take care of it as long as Roman agrees not to meddle in his research which Roman agrees to. Pryce comes to Shelley, it's time for phase three Shelley tells him that she wants to be buried by the river where the cemetery looks over. She then asks about Jason who Pryce has placed in a good foster family. Shelley's ready and Pryce hooks up everything that will do the "job". Pryce tells Prycilla that it will take 25 minutes until it's over and leaves. Walking to his office Norman comes in asking about Shelley where Pryce tells him everything. Norman gets angry thinking that he's only doing this only doing it for the recognition but Pryce tells him that she sacrificed 20 years of research and his place in history for Shelley. Norman thinks that Olivia is behind it because Olivia only cares about Olivia. Pryce tells him that Prycilla can cure her cancer but she had decided not to because she loves Norman and wants to live the rest of her life with him. Norman who had just broken up with Olivia thinks what if Olivia changed her mind, they realizes that Olivia is going to kill Prycilla and they hurry to Shelley's real body where Norman revives her. Johann goes to find Prycilla to find her already dead, eaten by Olivia as Olivia walks right passed a shocked Johann. Pryce with Johann, Roman telling him that Olivia's after the baby. After Shelley has found out about Prycilla she has gone wild after losing her second half and to fight off 5 guards. Pryce tells them to take her down to the psych ward, Pryce watches as they take Shelley and Prycilla away as he hands a sedative to Norman to kill Olivia.