Jellyfish in the Sky - Norman is first seen coming home from work about to have a sushi dinner with his wife, Marie and daughter Letha. Letha receives a call from Roman inviting her to a carnival that Olivia had rented out for Roman. In a flash-back Norman is seen with his brother J.R. in the rain in front of The White Tower. He starts to talk about Olivia and ask for his help to "destroy" her. J.R. then tells him that he knows his brother is having an affair with his wife and drives off. Present day Norman pays a visit to Olivia who begin to speak business of the Institute about Olivia's funding increase. She tells him to ask what Pryce wants the money for but Norman knows that Pryce is a better liar than her. He then tells Olivia that she can spoil Roman all she wants but leave Letha out of it. However Olivia tells him that he can't control who Roman spends his time with, Norman then leaves. After hearing about the recent murder of Brooke Bluebell Norman calls his daughter from his car and tells her he loves her and goes to meet with the Sheriff to questioned Pryce about who the murdered might be. Dr. Pryce and Norman obviously do not get along. Pryce tells them that was definitely an animal that killed Brooke and no one with two leg could have left those bite patterns.

The Angel -

The Order of the Dragon -

In Poor Taste -

Hello, Handsome -

The Crucible -

Measure of Disorder -

Catabasis -

What Peter Can Live Without -

What God Wants -

The Price -

Children of the Night -

Birth -

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