Enhanced Strength
Function To be physically stronger than a human.

Enhanced Strength (also called Super Strength or Superhuman Strength) is the ability to exert greater physical force than average people.


This ability has been demonstrated by beings such as full upir and werewolves, though werewolves are weaker than upir by comparison. It has also been demonstrated by Shelley (who grabbed and quickly broke the neck of a transformed werewolf and a vargulf, Christina) and Dr. Johann Pryce (who casually lifted Roman, who was still a half upir at the time, into the air and against a wall by the neck with one hand). Half upir are shown to be strong as humans or possibly slight, as Christina, a vargulf in wolf form, pounced on him, pinning him to the floor and though Roman used an axe handle which he shoved into her mouth into her to keep her at bay, though she eventually broke the handle. Had it not have been for a transformed Peter's intervention, Roman would have eventually been killed. Additionally, werewolf are about as strong as a half upir or a regular human when not transformed. Their strength can be enhanced if they are transforming and utilizes their newly developed animal muscles for strength, such as Peter, who had transformed but not to the point where his skin shed and only the inside of his body transformed, did to easily overpower two men and break ones nose with a single powerful strike to the face, contrary to him being overwhelmed, beaten down, and quickly pummeled when he got into conflict with bullies at school. Upirs have the strength to effortlessly lift people and other creatures, occasionally other Upirs, into the air with one hand. They also can rip flesh apart, regardless of whether the victim is human or any other creature, with enough effort. Roman could pry a vargulf's wolf body in half from the mouth in a second. Olivia was shown to have easily peeled of Clementine Chasseur's skin off from her wast to her chin, ans as deep as to her muscles.

Jarmungandir are also gifted with enhanced strength that rivals an Upirs, as Olivia barely managed to win in a fight with Dr. Arnold Spivak, while he was able to shove her into walls and hurl her across a room with greater ease, though she managed to break his neck.

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