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Dr. Clementine Chasseur

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  • Unborn Child †
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Nicole Muñoz



First Appearance

Hello, Handsome

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What Peter Can Live Without (archival footage)

God doesn't want us to be happy, He wants us to be strong.
— Hermila to Clementine [src]

Hermila was a werewolf and a prisoner of the Order of the Dragon.


Hermila is seen several times in a prison cell with Clementine. Her appearances are brief flashbacks during Hello, Handsome where Clementine is recalling an earlier time in her life where her journey with the Order of the Dragon began. She was seemingly a vargulf as she turned unexpectadly and tried to kill Clemetine who she thought her friend. She also did not seemingly know she was a werewolf or vargulf as she did not control her transformation.

Hermila was pregnant, it is never known why she is in the cell, she does mention several times her baby can't be born there. At one point she is given the piece of metal Clementine is trying to fashion into a weapon and continues to do so herself. It is not until the last scene with her it becomes apparent that she's been imprisoned by the order and Clementine being in the cell is some kind of test.

Clementine tells Hermila after a discussion of baby names, "god wants her to be strong" and lays down on the weapon Hermila cries out to the guards for help,and tells them Clementine isn't breathing. Hermila falls to the ground growling, when the growls cease to sound human Clementine attacks her and beats her to death. The guards enter and tell her she was wise to kill the beast before it turned, and welcome Clementine to the order.


Hermila seems to be a kind person and someone who has had to be strong for most of her life.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Hermlia had curly black hair and brown eyes.


  • Dr. Clementine Chasseur: Hermila thought that Clementine was a fellow inmate who was taken and thrown into a jail cell by The Order Of The Dragon. Hermila and Clementine plotted their escape together by sharpening a long piece of metal. However when the moon was full Hermila began to turn forcing Clementine to beat her with the sharpened piece of metal and cutting off her head. After Hermila had died one of the members of The Order Of The Dragon welcomed Clemetine into their group meaning killing Hermila was her initiation.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Enhanced Strength: Werewolves only has their strength when they are in their wolf form.
  • Shape-Shifting: Hermilia had begun to turn into a wolf until Clementine had killed her.
  • Heightened Senses: A Werewolf can see, hear and smell much better than humans.
  • Enhanced Speed: Werewolves are much faster than humans and wolves.


  • Wrong Moon: If turned too many times on a wrong moon they can becomes a Vargulf.
  • Mercury: Mercury is a liquid that can burn the skin of a werewolf.
  • Mortality: Because they do not have enhanced healing factors, werewolves can be killed anyway a normal human can be killed.