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Artificially created humans.



Humanoids are artificial human beings that were made by man. The first and only Humanoid was created by Dr Johann Pryce, who spent 20 years of his life developing her and named her Prycilla. Surprisingly, she had real emotions like a regular human and possibly had a soul of her own. Prycilla was killed by Johann himself, but the body was kept stable so that the body would be a host for Shelley Godfrey so she could live a normal life. However, Olivia killed Prycilla's body to cure herself of her cancer. The unique structure in a Humanoid's protein chains, the base pairing anticodons, and the assimilation of erythrocytes is capable of restoring an Upirs immune response and restore their bodies to full healing abilities if it is lost. The Upir Feeding Tank was designed to develop Humanoids, but the project only succeeded in creating plasma and tissue supplements to fully control and rejuvenate upir. A fully developed Humanoid can completely repair and enhance upirs self-reparation capabilities to unnatural levels to help them restore themselves from unnatural damage or conditions.

Known HumanoidsEdit


  • Mortality: Because humanoids do not have rapid healing they can be killed by any form of physical harm however it is unknown if they age or if they are immune to disease.