J.R. Godfrey
J.R. Godfrey
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Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, United States of America


CEO of Godfrey Industries







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Paul Popowich



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Jellyfish in the Sky

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Birth (archival footage)

Half of her is in you, You’re better off on your own than with a waste of a father.
— J.R. to Roman [src]

J.R. Godfrey was father of Roman Godfrey and Shelley Godfrey. He closed the Godfrey Steel Mills and created the Godfrey Institute, which ultimately led to his wealth and the attraction of Olivia to him.  J.R. was often busy at work it was this neglect which helped in leading to Olivia's ongoing affair his brother Norman Godfrey, who turns out to be the paternal father of both Roman. When Roman was just a child he found his father dead on the living room floor, only to learn later that his father had shot himself.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1 Edit

Jellyfish in the Sky- J.R.'s first appearance is in a flash-back 13 years ago. He is standing in the rain in front of The Godfrey Institute when Norman shows up. He then starts to talk about his "legacy" he then starts to talk about Olivia and that he needs Norman's help to kill her but he refuses. J.R. then goes to his home where he takes a gun and goes up to the attic to see Shelley in her crib sleeping. He then goes to Roman's room and kiss him on the forehead. After that he confronts Olivia with the gun and ask her "What are you?". Olivia tells him that Roman is just like her because he was born with a caul. We then hear a gun shot and see J.R. lying on the floor dead with Roman standing over his life-less body.

Hello, Handsome - 16 years ago J.R. and Norman Godfrey’s car screeches to a stop just outside The Godfrey Institute. They drag a depressingly tiny coffin out of the trunk of the car, only to have it snatched away by Dr. Pryce, who rushes up the steps and into his laboratories. We discover that the body in the coffin is Shelley’s.

Measure of Disorder - In a flash-back at Juliet's funeral. J.R. is sitting with [[Norman Godfrey|Norman and realize that Olivia is coping with Juliet's death too good and so he becomes suspicious of her.

Catabasis - J.R. is seen in Roman's dream world. J.R. gives him a lecture about legacy and family. Roman asks J.R. why he killed himself, to which J.R. replies that it’s pretty much all Olivia’s fault. "Half of her is in you," says J.R. "You’re better off on your own than with a waste of a father." J.R. then reveals that Norman is Roman's real father.

Birth - We last see J.R. in a flash-back on the same night he committed suicide Olivia tells him that Roman was born with a caul and J.R. responses saying "What are you?".

Personality Edit

J.R. was a loving a father and as a result Roman saw him as a hero. He was also very suspicious of Olivia towards the end because he knew that she was lying to him about who and what she was.

Physical AppearanceEdit

J.R. Godfrey is tall male who has brown hair, blue eyes and a beard.


  • Olivia Godfrey: Olivia was J.R.'s wife they first met in the city when Olivia's father sent her to study acting. Sometime later they got married. Olivia gave birth to their first child Juliet but Olivia murdered Juliet in her crib but J.R. had a suspicious that Olivia did something to Juliet. She then gave birth to their second child Roman. Their child child was named Shelley who was possibly the reanimated Juliet. Towards the end J.R. confronted Olivia but soon after he shot himself while Roman was in the corner and saw everything.
  • Norman Godfrey: Norman was J.R.'s brother he was the only one that he told that he was suspicious about Olivia but Norman tried to convince him otherwise. When J.R. gave Shelley's body to Dr. Pryce Norman was also present. Norman was also having an affair with J.R.'s wife Olivia after his death J.R. left Norman a note ready "Don't let her destroy you".
  • Juliet Godfrey: Juliet was J.R.'s first child after she had died J.R. possibly took her to Dr. Johann Pryce to reanimate her. J.R. also thought that Olivia was the one that killed Juliet and he was right.
  • Roman Godfrey: Roman was J.R.'s second child Roman saw J.r. as his hero but it was then revealed that Roman was really Norman's son and that him and Olivia were having an affair behind his back. However one day after waking up from his bedroom he came to see J.R. shoot himself in front of Olivia.
  • Shelley Godfrey: Shelley was J.R. possible third child it is possible that J.R. took Shelly to be reanimated but Shelley died once again and was reanimated again which leaded her to be deformed.


  • "What are you?" (season 1, episode 1)

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