Jason Blevins
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  • Unnamed Father †
  • Unnamed Mother †
  • Unnamed Old Woman † (possible grandmother)
  • Unknown Foster Family
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Luna Rea

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Such Dire Stuff

It's my parents, we can play a game.
— Jason to Shelley [src]

Jason Blevins was a child who was abused constantly by his father and helped Shelley survived while she was on the run from the law.

Season 2Edit

Luna Rea - After Shelley had escaped Hemlock Grove she took shelter in an abandon house. A young boy named Jason comes to her and bring her food and drinks and a shirt to make bandages out of.

Hemlock Diego's Policy Player's Dream Book - Again down in the basement in the abandoned house Jason brings Shelley a cell phone. Shelley then inbox's her uncle Norman.

Such Dire Stuff - The next day Norman goes to meet with Shelley outside the abandoned house after she had text him for help. She says her final goodbyes with her young friend Jason and leaves, stopping when she hears Jason being beaten by his father inside. She rushes back in his father tries to shoot her but aims wrong and accidentally shoots an old woman next to her. Shelley then takes the gun from Jason's father and send him flying where he is impaled on a sharp wood Jason's mother then stabs Shelley in the back with a butchers knife but Shelley send her flying onto a table her she dies. With Jason sort-of saved all his awful family members are dead, next we see him he’s just sitting in a pool of their blood playing a video game.

Demons and the Dogstar - Before Shelley was euthanize she asked about Jason who Pryce tells her he has been put into a good foster family and that he will be protected.


Jason is a sweet and kind kid who would help someone in need but was getting terribly abused by his father.


Jason is a short kid he has medium height brown hair and brown eyes.


  • Shelley Godfrey: Jason meet Shelley in the basement of an abandoned house they soon became friends. Jason then began to give Shelley foods and drinks and Shelley helped Jason learn how to read. On the night of Shelley's leaving she heard Jason's father beating him Shelley then rushes in and accidentally kills his father and mother and leaves Jason saying "Jason I'm sorry".
  • Eddie Blevins: Jason's Father was his abuser and a day drinker after Shelley had heard Jason getting beaten by his father she ruched him and accidentally killed him.