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Juliet Godfrey
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Juliette Anne Godfrey was the first born child of J.R. and Olivia Godfrey possibly the old identity of Shelley Godfrey but because they have made that unclear in the show they are possibly just sisters.


Juliet was born without a caul making her human. Juliet was loved by her father but she was hated by her mother Olivia who refused to hold her. Olivia eventually snapped her neck while sleeping in her crib. J.R. knew that Olivia killed their child because at Juliet's funeral Olivia was not broken at all instead she was laughing and drinking having a good time.


Juliet being murdered by her mother.

Possible ReanimationEdit

Juliet cannot be the corpse used to reanimate Shelley Godfrey because of the time span between their ages. Juliet died 18 years before the series began, while J.R. Godfrey and Norman Godfrey gave Dr. Johann Pryce the baby’s casket 14 years before the TV series began. Her body would have decomposed by then, and Pryce says timing is everything when attempting to reanimate a corpse. Also, JR refers to the deceased baby as Shelley, not Juliet. A grieving father would not change the name of his child when attempting to bring her back to life.

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