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Letha Godfrey
Biographical Information
Home Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Occupation Student

Marie Godfrey

Norman Godfrey
Nadia Godfrey
Roman Godfrey
(legal paternal cousin/paternal half-brother)
JR Godfrey
(paternal uncle)
Juliet Godfrey †
(paternal cousin)
Shelley Godfrey
(paternal cousin)
Olivia Godfrey

Species Human
Status Deceased
Died In Birth
Cause of Death Childbirth
Portrayed by Penelope Mitchell
Season(s) 1
First Appearance Jellyfish in the Sky
Last Appearance Birth


Letha Godfrey was very caring and protective of others. She even took care of Christina Wendall when Christina left the mental institute, even though Christina had come to kill her. Letha also showed signs of being spiritual, as she was reading a book on angels before her death and believed she had been impregnated by one. Towards the end of the last season, Letha had grown from a young, flighty teenaged girl, to someone who was definitely deserving of the Godfrey name. She had become strong-willed, and would do anything to protect those she loved. This, among other reasons, is why she was supposedly murdered during childbirth at the Godfrey Institute. She stood between the murder(s) and her baby.

Physical appearanceEdit

Letha had blonde hair and blue eyes, was slim and seemed to be of average height for a woman.


Peter RumancekEdit

At first Letha fantasizes of being with Peter while on the school bus. They start off as friends which develops into a relationship and they begin dating. Peter and Letha fall deeply in love with each other, and Peter becomes attached to Letha's unborn daughter. In the last episode, after Letha brings Peter to his mother and cousin, his mother tells Letha that the reason Peter was able to come back alive and save her from the vargulf (Christina), was because her love brought him back to her. When Letha is having her baby, she calls Peter and he rushes over to the Godfrey Medical Center in order to be at her side. After Letha dies during childbirth (she is assumed to have been murdered), Peter falls apart.

Roman GodfreyEdit

Letha's cousin/half-brother, with whom she shares a close relationship. It's later revealed that Roman impregnated her and is the father of her child. Roman is devastated at her death.

Norman GodfreyEdit

Letha's father. They share a close relationship; she seems to be closer to her father than to her mother Marie. When she passes away, he is seen desperately begging Dr. Johann Pryce to revive his daughter.


  • Letha is a feminine name of Greek origin. The name Letha has a meaning of "forgetfulness." In Greek mythology it is the name of a river in Hades that causes the dead to forget their lives on earth.
  • Godfrey, Letha's surname is of Anglo-Saxon or Irish origin along with being from the Germanic name Godafrid, which meant "Peace of God" from the Germanic elements God and frid "Peace".



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