Lisa Willoughby
Biographical Information

Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, United States of America







Killed By

Christina Wendall/Vargulf

Relationship Information

  • Unnamed Parents
  • Unnamed Sister
Character Information
Portrayed By

Jacqueline Graham



First Appearance

The Order of the Dragon

Last Appearance

Children of the Night

Lisa Willoughby is a victim of the Vargulf killings.

Season 1Edit


Half of Lisa's body is found in the woods.

The Order of the Dragon - While walking through the woods Christina she comes across the body of a girl torn in half. Thinking it was a joke body and that someone was pranking her she decides to kiss the corpse. She realizes her mistake when she looks down and sees maggots eating away on the dead girl’s fleshy bits. And then she screams very loudly.

In Poor Taste - At a cemetery Roman and Peter gut Lisa Willoughby's body with a carving knife, rip out a piece of her intestines, and shove the mess into a mason jar. They’ve barely finished with all when a distinctive truck drives up to the cemetery, and out steps Chasseur and the Sheriff. Roman and Peter don’t have the time to cover their tracks so they just run, leaving behind Lisa’s freshly gutted body and scores of evidence that could be tracked back to them.

Hello, Handsome - Destiny puts a maggot into the jar of guts that Peter and Roman got from Lisa's body. She then eats the maggot and straps herself down. Lisa's spirit over takes Destiny's body while Peter helps hold her down. Peter then asks her about her death and Lisa tells her every thing. The ritual when ran out and Lisa's spirit went back to the after life.

Lisa's death

Lisa being ripped apart.

The Crucible - Peter and Roman then go investigating in the ruins of The Steel Mill ruins. After poking around a bit on the first floor, they come across the bottom half of Lisa Willoughby

Children of the Night - Lisa is seen in a flash back of Christina's when Lisa is sitting down with her friends at lunch later the vargulf had taken over Christina and attacked and then killed Lisa.


Lisa's personality is unknown

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lisa is a girl with long curly blonde hair and green eyes. The actor Jacqueline Graham also portrayed Lisa's little sister who had long brown hair and green eyes.

Lisa's lil sis


  • Unnamed Sister: Lisa and her sister did not have a good relationship even after her death Lisa's sister did not seem to care if her sister was dead. The night before she begged Lisa to take her to a party but Lisa refused so she looked at her and said "I hope you end up in a dumpster". Still Lisa was unmoved by the death of her sister.
  • Christina Wendall: After Christina had seen Lisa at lunch sitting down with her friend she decided that Lisa would be her next victim. While walking home in the woods Lisa was attacked by the vargulf and ripped in half.