Hemlock Grove 1x01 007

Lynda and Peter about to move into their new home.

  • Jellyfish in the Sky - Lynda and her son Peter roll into town and start to settle into the dilapidated trailer they inherited from Vince, Lynda’s deceased brother. Off into the distance, conveniently framed by the trees around the Rumancek property is the Godfrey Mansion. Lynda begins tidying up as Peter heads into town where he steals twp leather jackets and brings one back for Lynda.

  • The Angel - On the night of the costume dance at Hemlock High Peter spends the night hanging out with his mom, Lynda, instead of going to the school dance. The next day Lynda on the night of Peter's turning Lynda is shocked to hear that Peter has invited Roman to come and watch him turn. However she eases up when she finds out Peter’s reasoning is that Roman is the only one in town who doesn't think Peter is a murderer and that Peter has never actually had a friend before and he wants to see if he can find one in Roman. Roman shows and he, Peter, and Lynda sit themselves down. Roman and Lynda share glasses of milk and a tranquilizer as they wait for Peter to turn. When Peter starts to turn his transformation is gruesome however it does not affect Lynda since she has seen it many times ago in the past. However Lynda amuses herself by watching Roman as he sees the transformation for himself.

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Lynda and Peter being questioned by Dr. Chasseur.

  • The Order of the Dragon - The next day Peter comes back from his werewolf excursion to find Roman crashing on his couch waiting for him. Roman asks him how his night was and Peter tells Roman and Lynda that he smelled something while he was out there, something bad. Peter and Lynda make Roman promise not to tell anyone about Peter's secret, which he agrees to. Peter falls asleep due to the tremendous pain of turning. As Roman leaves Lynda makes him promise again not to say anything before he leaves. Lynda then goes over to the sleeping Peter strokes his hair and give him a kiss on the forehead and leaves. Later that day As Peter and Lynda pack their things into their car, about to take Destiny’s advice and move. Dr. Clementine Chasseur ans Sheriff Tom Sworn drives up. Dr. Chasseur starts to question Peter about being someone afflicted with "clinical lycanthropy" which makes some to think that they are a werewolf cause them to act like such.. Though Peter answers all her questions cheerfully and amiably the look on her face shows she’s not convinced. Either way, now that Peter’s on this lady’s radar he and Lynda are unable to leave.

  • In Poor Taste - Lynda is being followed around town by Olivia Godfrey trying to work up the nerve to ask her if she can buy the stash of eye-drop drugs. Lynda knows what Olivia wants but she’s certainly not going to make it any easier on her. After a few minutes of standing around looking desperate Olivia storms away.

Lynda and Olivia

Lynda about to make a deal with Olivia.

  • Measure of Disorder - Lynda is waiting worriedly for Peter since it is the night after the full moon and Peter did not come home. He walks through the door, and Peter tells her that she was right and that he made a mistake in getting involved with Roman. Olivia comes to visit Lynda at the Rumancek Trailer and haltingly asks Lynda to please be her drug dealer. Apparently, the eyedroppers we've seen Olivia using aren’t just recreational they provide a great relief for what Olivia calls a "condition" of hers. Lynda’s price is $5000 a bottle. Olivia reluctantly accepts, and then starts chowing down on the raw meat that Lynda’s using to make meatballs. Right afterwards, Lynda goes to her niece Destiny’s apartment to celebrate.

  • Catabasis - When Lynda finds out about Peter's new lady love, Letha she’s pleased to see him happy again. However after she finds out that Letha is a Godfrey and Roman’s beloved cousin the look on her face says "Are you kidding me?"


Lynda and Olivia moving a joint.

  • What Peter Can Live Without - While Roman in in a coma Lynda is paying an unannounced visit to Olivia Godfrey's mansion so she can bring her the eye-drops. Lynda watches as Olivia takes a drop into her eye and starts musing on how Peter was born. Olivia and Lynda bond over being women both of them single mothers raising men. Later that day Olivia and Letha bring a badly beaten Peter back to their home. Lynda jumps straight into fussing over Peter’s swollen face before letting Peter and Letha spend some time together alone. In the other room, Lynda and Olivia share a joint as Olivia suggests Peter stay up at the Godfrey mansion for a few days to make sure he stays safe which Lynda agrees to.

  • The Price - After the deaths of the Sheriff’s twin daughters he his mind is set on revenge and his chosen target is Peter Rumancek. The Sheriff’s cop buddies join him on his quest for revenge. The mob swarms the Rumancek Trailer where Lynda is pacing anxiously waiting for Peter to return from his werewolf night out. While looking out the window in search for Peter Lynda sees a mob of men swarming the trailer but before they could get in Lynda disappears however this does not stop the mob of men from vandalizing the trailer. Peter asks Roman to check on Lynda however when Roman gets there the trailer has been trashed and is completely empty. Roman’s about to leave when Lynda pops up from behind a trapdoor installed in the floor of the trailer and cheerfully starts packing what little belongings she has left that aren't smashed. Roman tries to get her to leave with her but she refuses Roman’s offer to take her back to his place, though she asks him to just look after Peter.

Lynda and Peter

Lynda and Peter driving out of Hemlock Grove.

  • Birth - After Peter's battle with the vargulf him and Letha return to his cousin Destiny’s apartment where Lynda is waiting for them. As Peter goes to get some much-needed sleep Lynda and Letha talk about Peter’s werewolf rebirth. Lynda tells her girl that Letha’s love was what brought Peter back from the dead and they embrace, until Letha's father comes and gets his daughter. Later after Letha was rushed to the hospital to give birth Letha and her baby had died due to complications. After the death of Letha Peter and Lynda have packed all their things and are preparing to leave town. Lynda and newly bald Peter are driving out of town looking forward to a fresh start.