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Magdalena is the first child of Olivia Godfrey, as mentioned in the book and the TV series. Although Season 1 ambiguously hints at the possibility of her being the grandmother or great-grandmother of Peter Rumancek's grandfather (who was of the same name, which could possibly highlight a distant relation between the Godfreys and the Rumanceks), her character history is retroactively substituted for that of Annie in season 3.


Magdalena and family

Magdalena after her birth and being held by her grandfather.

Magdalena was born, without a caul, to Olivia Godfrey after she became pregnant at the age of 13. The father was a slave named Dimitri whom Olivia stole and possibly fell in love with. Feeling betrayed by the boy who abandoned her, instead of allowing the baby to be raised by her older sister Olivia gave the baby to swineherd, claiming “the blood of a slave makes a slave.” She was not heard of again from Olivia.

Magdalena lived long enough have a family. She was either Nicolae Rumancek’s grandmother or great-grandmother but no one knew for sure. Being Romani, she traveled from place to place with him at her side, never settling. One day, however, they were stopped by uniformed Nazis and although many in their group fled Magdalena was not so lucky. Nicolae tried to protect her, but the leader was Upir and forced her to rip his throat out. Magdalena had no choice, but Nicolae was able to get away.

It is unknown what became of Magdalena, but due to her age at the time it is plausible to assume she is deceased by the beginning of the series.


Magdalena was a secretive person who never told a person what her real age was.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Magdalena was an old woman who had big wild black hair and blue eyes.

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