Mind Control
Function To control the mind of another.

Mesmerization is an upir power which allows upirs to hypnotize any person, even themselves, to do anything they want.


Mesmerization is a power that all upirs have the potential to use innately. When a half or not full upir uses this power each time their nose bleeds. When an upir mesmerizes, their victim goes into a trance-like state and responds to the commands of the upir. The upir must meet the victim's eyes to begin the hypnosis. It is unknown who is immune to it, although Peter Rumancek in vargulf form did resist Roman's attempts, but this could be mostly because vargulves are mindless.

Known UsersEdit



  • Some form of hypnosis power is often attributed to vampires, in the tradition of Dracula, although it is absent from some depictions of vampires.
  • When Mesmerization is used, there is a rumbling sound, much like thunder, that sounds off until they stop using the ability. The sound is much like the sound used in the Star Wars films to signal the use of the Force.