Michael Chasseur
Michael Chasseur
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Ohio, United Sates of America






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Olivia Godfrey

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Demore Barnes



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What God Wants

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A Place to Fall

Everyone likes to do something special now and then for their mom. I usually hold it to flowers, but then my mother’s not wanted on multiple felony counts … I don’t need to pursue this particular clusterfuck with any special vigor at this moment.
— Michael to Peter [src]

Michael Chasseur is the twin brother of Clementine Chasseur. He is also a member of the Order of the Dragon and has devoted this life to smiting "God's enemies". After the disappearance of his sister he has moved to Hemlock Grove and becomes the new Sheriff determined to find his (late) sister and killing any supernatural being that crosses him.

Early LifeEdit

Michael's was very close to his twin sister even though they are not together many of the times and that he also joined the Order along with Clementine before the series had started. In a flashback, Michael and Clementine are at a place where the often go and they discuss the Order and their father who had recently died.

Throughout The Series Edit


Michael is a very serious man who doesn't laugh much or show many emotions. He does, however, feel compassion for his sister and also their late father who he loved very much. As a member of the Order Michael would take his job even more seriously, however, he is quite different from other members he will not kill someone unless he has evidence that they had done the crime.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Michael is a dark skinned male who looks nothing like his twin sister; he has narrow brown eyes and dark lips.



  • Clementine Chasseur: Clementine was Michael's beloved twin sister. Clementine would often call Michael when she had her doubts in her faith to the Order. We see a flash-back of Michael and Clementine at an unknown location after their father had died they would often go there to catch up. They seem to share a very strong bond. After Clementine had disappeared Michael wasted no time getting to Hemlock Grove to find his sister but when he found out that she was dead he swore to find the culprit and destroy them.

  • Bishop Francis: Michael and Bishop's relationship was very complicated. Michael had seemed never to really like Bishop and hated when Bishop called him to his office and especially when he would give him orders. However he knew that Bishop is the only one that could get through to his sister and whenever he felt that Clementine was acting unusual. After the death of his sister Michael had begun to work with Bishop however when Michael found Bishop shot with arrows he took an opportunity which lead Bishop revealing who really killed his sister. However Michael did not save him but instead gave to him a quicker death.


  • Michael is a male given name that comes from the Hebrew meaning "Who is like God?".
  • Chasseur is the French word meaning "hunter".