Michael and Clementine

Michael and Clementine "by the water".

  • What God Wants - Michael gets a call from his twin sister, Clementine, who tells him that she’s leaving the Order after this one last job in Hemlock Grove. He is seen in an empty room snapping pictures of an unknown suspect in Hawaii. He asks his sister if the Order is going to just let her leave and Clementine replies saying "no". CLementine then asks him to help her leave the Order and he agrees, and they make plans to meet to a place she says "by the water". However Michael keeps his promise my telling Bishop Francis that Clementine is considering to leave the Order of the Dragon. Michael arrives at the place but Clementine is no where to be found. Michael begins to think about the last time they were there where they talk about the talk about the Order and their deceased father. Micheal then ask Clementine "You really think God wants us to forgive each and every one of his creations?" Clementine responds "I ain't about to start answering that." and walks away.


Bishop about to tell Michael his sister has been murdered.

  • Birth - After Clementine never showned Bishop Francis called him and gave him a job in Hemlock Grove. However Michael doesn't want the job of for Bishop to ever contact him again up until Bishop shows him a newspaper with the Godfrey Family and tells him that Roman Godfrey was the one to kill his sister.

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