Sheriff Chasseur

Michael is revealed to be the new Sheriff of Hemlock Grove.

  • Luna Rea - Bishop calls Michael to his office and ask him why has he not "dealt with" Roman yet. Michael tells him that he has not "dealt" with Roman yet is because he could not find any evidence that he murder his sister. Bishop tries to convince him that Roman is a psychopath but Michael won't kill someone just because Bishop says so, Michael then reveals that the Order is trying to but half of the White Tower. Bishop reply saying "God is diversifying his portfolio". Michaels tells him that he is going to "deal" with the person that killed his sister when he is sure. Bishop tries to convince him to stay and take his order telling him that if he walks out the door he will lose the Orders protection and financials. However Michael does not stay for one second more and walks out the door. In the police station two officers gossiping about their creepy new sheriff. The new sheriff is revealed to be Michael Chasseur we get a look in his office which is filled with pictures and info about Roman, Olivia, Peter and last season’s dead girls.


Michael interrogating Olivia on Marie's disappearance.

  • Bodily Fluids - At Hemlock Acres Michael approaches Olivia who questions her about the disappearance of Marie Godfrey. Olivia tells him that maybe she went on a vacation but Marie's car was found in a parking lot wiped clean of prints. Olivia offers all her help to find Marie and she tells Michael that Marie visited her yesterday but Michael already knew that. She tells him that Marie came to tell her that she was suing Godfrey Industries due to the lost of Marie's daughter and grandchild. Olivia then brings up the other woman that had gone missing in the last several month who Michael tells him was his sister. Michael questions her about why she might have been at the Godfrey Steel Mill but Olivia says she does not know since the Mill has been abandoned for years and mostly teenagers break in there. Having nothing to press against Olivia Michael leaves disappointed. Later, Peter gets pulled over by cops and is brought in, where he’s interrogated by Sheriff Chasseur. The woman and child Peter saved lodged a complaint with their two sheriff before skipping town, and now Michael is taking the opportunity to question Peter about the goings on of last season. Peter However doesn't answer any of his questions until he mentions Roman, him skipping out of town after the vargulf murders and his mother. Michael decides to hold Peter for 24 hours on the counts of being suspicious. Later that night Roman is fleeing the scene of a crime as he leaves the alleyway a waiting Michael Chasseur spots him.


Michael confronts Peter in the alleyway.

  • Hemlock Diego's Policy Player's Dream Book - Sheriff Michael Chasseur drops in to visit Peter in his holding cell where Peter tries to explain the whole "I saw it in a dream" thing to him. Michael says he doesn't believe him, but ends up letting Peter go anyway since the woman Peter "threatened" isn't around to press charges. Later that night after Peter gets home from the airport, the Sheriff is waiting for him and tells him that the mother and child he saved are now dead. Michael tells him that the report says that the mother drowned her child and jump out the window ten stories up. He tells Peter that he believe Peter and his dreams and that he has dealed with events out of the ordinary.

  • Such Dire Stuff - Sheriff Chasseur visits Peter at home to let him know Lynda’s gone. Peter feigns shock and Michael tells him to cut the crap, he knows Peter helped Lynda escape but he’s got worse stuff to deal with besides. He tells Peter he’ll ignore this so long as Peter agrees to help him find his sister.

Grove 132

Michael interrogating Roman.

  • Lost Generation - After Peter had another one of his dreams he goes straight to Michael in the Sheriff Department with all of the search he did in an attempt to decipher them. Peter tries to get him to get to Ohio where in his dream a family is murdered but Michael tells him that there was a break in one dead, two injured so he can't be "dream-chasing" right now. Peter tries to convince him that if he doesn't do anything then that family in his dream will be murdered. Michael however still thinks this is a shot in the dark until Peter tells him that Roman Godfrey had the dream too but he doesn't know why. Michael becomes a little upset because Peter had been holding out information up until now but gets over it. He decides to take that shot in the dark, Peter tries to come along with him but Michael won't have that, Peter becomes more insistent but Michael threatens to arrest him which cause Peter to leave in rage. Michael instead of going to the house Peter showed him, goes to Roman’s office. Roman refuses to answer any of Michael’s questions and denies knowing anything about the dreams so Michael leaves for the house in Ohio. Michael goes to the house in Peter's dream but unfortunately it is not the right one he then calls Peter telling him that he thinks that Peter is playing him to get him out of town and that Peter better come straight to him or else.

Hemlock Grove12-12

Michael kills Bishop.

  • Unicorn - At the police station, Nadine (a prostitute) reports the attack on her "husband" to Michael. However Michael does not believe this until she tells him that it was Roman Godfrey that did this which peaks his interest. Michael arrives in a police car to find Peter and Roman handling two dead bodies. Michael cuffs them both then examines the bodies, he finds one watch with an odd rune on it that makes him thoughtful and he uncuffs both of them. Michael goes and pays a visit to Bishop and punches him. He hands over the symbol he found on the dead man’s watch, it’s the same symbol that his sister Clementine wore and the same symbol the priest has in his house. Francis tries to talk about people impersonating them so Michael hits him again. He finally claims that they have dissidents and promises to deal with them and Michael leaves. Michael drops in on Francis and finds him filled with arrows but alive. Michael’s not too upset by this nor even focused on hunting down the cult so Francis tells him that Olivia killed Clementine. He didn't go after Olivia because of the pact especially since the White Tower will use technology to destroy all Upirs. Michael doesn't really care and grants Francis "mercy" a quicker death.

  • Tintypes - A woman named Leticia Padilla goes to report Norman to Michael so he does not try and kill Olivia. However he has been looking at the evidence she gathered including finger prints and DNA she obtained through breaking and entering Olivia's residents and arrest Leticia. Michael goes to Norman to tell him about Olivia and that she killed his sister Clementine and that he wants to help Norman kill Olivia. Michael tells him how to kill an Upir but tells him to only strike her in the heart to weaken her so that they can take her to a warehouse to torture her. He then gives Norman a dead body to practice killing Olivia.

Hemlock Grove094

Michael receives a text from Olivia reading "YOUR'RE NEXT".

  • Demons and the Dogstar - After Olivia had ripped out Norman's heart Michael is seen in his office working when he receives a text message by Olivia showing a picture of Norman without his heart and a text saying "YOU'RE NEXT" leaving Michael a little bit phased.