Olivia is shown to be alive and well.

Blood Pressure - We slowly fade onto Olivia where she has already been reanimated by Dr. Pryce sometime ago. Pryce is helping Olivia recuperate from her death, and her huge change in accent is explained by "dead body relearning how to speak takes time." Pryce updates her on Roman’s comings and goings, musing on how he must be dealing with the "hunger". Later after Pryce has left Norman has come to visit Olivia bringing her flowers and takes her out for a drive against Pryce wanting Olivia leave before she is fully recovered.

Gone Sis - Over at the Rehabilitation Center, Olivia is tending to her garden when a bird flies into the window and dies and start to tear up. She talks to Pryce about a memory she had of Roman as a child as Pryce helps her exercise her body. Pryce tells her what she’s feeling is empathy . They both worry about what Roman’s going to do about the research funding and his blood-lust. Olivia leaves the rehab centre and goes to The Godfrey Institute, where she bursts into Roman’s office. They argue over what Pryce has been doing with the funding she used to give him, with Olivia telling Roman it’s better for her to show him than tell him about it. She then taps into Roman’s fears about the nature of his being, telling him that he’s not going to be able to resist feeding for long. Dr. Galina Zhelezhnova-Burdukovskaya is in the lab poking at gross lumps of flesh when Olivia walks in. She asks to speak with Johann "over a snack" because Pryce leads her into a restricted room which she explores with an expression of awe on her face.


Marie pays Olivia a visit.

Luna Rea - At the Rehab Center, a jealous Olivia watches out the window as Norman embraces his ex-wife. When Norman comes in to see her, he tries to get her to leave with him and get away from Pryce’s influence but she refuses. At the Institute Pryce recalls when Olivia nearly killed him the first time she got her treatments, and he wants to ensure Roman won’t use the secret against them. Pryce wants to help Olivia keep her end of some sort of pact by putting her and her son on leashes, while priest just wants to put them down. Marie visits Olivia at the center to clear the air. It’s when she says “I forgive you,” that Olivia snaps back that she’s got nothing to be sorry for, and if she wanted Norman to leave Marie, he would have ages ago. Marie gets angry and tells Olivia that she has nothing but a boyfriend who will leave her, a dead daughter who Olivia treated like shit, and a son who hates her guts. Olivia calls Norman in the middle of the night, crying. After they have sex, Norman invites her to go with him to Brazil. Olivia leaves to go to the bathroom, where we see that she’s killed Marie and has her stashed in the tub.

Bodily Fluids - Olivia is approached by Sheriff Michael Chasseur, who questions her about Marie Godfrey’s disappearance. In the course of their conversation, Clementine’s recent disappearance comes up. Olivia lies her ass off on both counts, but it’s not entirely clear whether Michael believes her. Norman confronts Olivia about hiding her meeting with Marie. Olivia tells him that Marie blamed him for killing Letha.

Hemlock Diego's Policy Player's Dream Book - While shaving her legs Olivia cuts herself and starts to bleed. Pryce examines her still healing tongue a once-over before giving her the good news that Roman called and is desperate enough to maybe listen to them this time. Pryce reports back to Olivia about Roman. He also tells her the lab results came back on her symptoms – one of the ones he lists is "normal human emotion," and informs her that she seems to be aging at an accelerated rate. Olivia says she needs to focus now on helping Roman. Later, fed up with “sitting around waiting for death to find” her, Olivia heads out to a karaoke bar, downs a bunch of shots, then actually goes on stage and sings.


Olivia discussing with Dr. Galina.

Such Dire Stuff - Dr. Galina, the Russian scientist shows up at Olivia’s to ask her to please do something about that control freak with a God complex. Apparently Dr. Galina knows all about the upir condition, knows that Roman and Olivia are of that kind, and is willing to help Olivia out in exchange for a favour later on. When Olivia leaves the building, Leticia takes the opportunity to go snooping around. She bags a few things to run tests on. Meanwhile, Olivia goes to confront Pryce about Roman’s new medical procedure. Pryce sees this as a good thing – a mortal Roman with no supernatural powers will be much easier to manage, and besides, Roman hates Olivia and that isn't going to change anytime soon and suggests that Olivia turn her attentions to her granddaughter while Pryce keeps Roman busy. Olivia heads to Roman's House to baby snatch. She’s thwarted when Roman walks in at just the right time and throws her out. Before Olivia leaves, though, the nanny, Anna tells her all about Miranda, calling the woman "street trash." Olivia hearing that "street trash" is living in a house with her son and granddaughter becomes very mad and leaves. When Miranda has taken Nadia to the park see a jealous Olivia watching her.

Lost Generation - When Norman calls Olivia and Roman to come down to The Godfrey Institute. They are stunned to see Shelley coming down the hall. Roman immediately hugs his sister and begins to cry as Olivia stands looking at her stunned. Shelley then begins to speak for the first time and tells them everything that happened while she was away. Olivia tries to be motherly, causing Roman to get angry because he believes Olivia is using Shelley. Pryce ends up kicking them both out, declaring them to be toxic for a still-healing Shelley. Later Roman is about to go in for another "treatment" to turn him human when Olivia storms up, yelling about him trying to get her evicted from her cottage at the hospital. Olivia tries to tell Roman she’s making amends for her mistakes, but Roman isn’t having any of it. Two more treatments and Roman’s human – and he plans on doing this to Nadia as well once she’s old enough. Angry, Olivia drops one last bombshell onto Roman: JR is not his father, Norman iS and Letha was Roman’s sister. Roman then attack her up she quickly picks him up and throwns him to the floor. Olivia and the Russian scientist meet up again, where they make plans to ruin Roman’s final treatment. At the end of the day, Norman returns to Olivia, where he begins to have angry sex with her, then steals some of her hairs to presumably run a few tests.


Olivia speaking to an oncologist about her cancer.

Unicorn - In Paris, 1884 Olivia is a prisoner, she’s dressed in Hessian, chained and her head is sealed in a metal mask. She is being held by the Chancellor of the Order which has fought the Upir for 5 centuries. Most Upir are savages but he thinks Olivia will listen to a truce targeting people the Chancellor considers expendable; she will be monitored. She’s also to organise the upir so they're self-policing. Before she agrees she proves that she could kill the Chancellor to make it clear she’s agreeing to his treaty, not obeying him. Back to the present Olivia also drops in The Godfrey Institute for a meal that doesn't go well. Her being possibly injured makes Johann insist on an MRI which finds a mass in her brain – Johann refers her to an oncologist. Olivia goes into full denial mode, but takes his recommendation. And the guy she is recommended to tells her she has brain cancer – and only a 20% chance of survival and Olivia becomes upset. Later at theinstitute and Dr. Galina gives a lot of info to Olivia. Firstly, the blood sludge Johann makes isn’t for upir, it’s just the biproduct of his failed experiments – in other words, it’s previous Prycilla’s he’s tried to create all ground up in a vat. And if Olivia wants to beat her cancer the best way is to eat his successful experiment, Prycilla. Olivia then goes to find Prycilla. Olivia then finds her and leans over to bite Prycilla – and she wakes up and calls Olivia mother.

Tintypes - Olivia stomps into Johann’s office to demand he stop experimenting on her children – having found Prycilla. Johann has no time or patience for her bullshit, points out she has zero maternal instinct, doesn't care about her kids and generally treated them like shit so cut the false outrage. When she tells him she’s dying and asks for his help he points out the sciency reasons why his methods can’t help and why Dr. Galina is a dubious person with a dubious history and really not to be trusted. It also leaves him ragingly furious with the doctor and he stomps about demanding she come see him. Still Olivia goes to the basement where Roman is preparing for his last treatment and Galina is there to ask if she is really sure she doesn't want to kill her son because "death solves all problems." Later Shelley goes to see her mother ubersweet and gentle Shelly tells her mother that she did the best she could and loved them as she could and apologising for being such a hard child to mother. Johann runs into Olivia who is on cloud 9 from her talk with Shelly, she’s happy to die of cancer living a normal life, living with and loving her children than continuing to be the sociopathic Upir. Which is when they find the goo-vat, Dr. Zheleznova-Burdukovskaya’s discarded needle – and the doctor herself swirling around in the vat, most definitely dead killed by Roman. Later we see Olivia sitting next to a sleeping Shelly and sings her a lullaby.


Olivia rips Norman's heart out.

Demons and the Dogstar - Norman finally goes to attack Olivia, doctoring her medicine cabinet with anticoagulants which upir do not like. He’s there when she gets out the shower and standoffish – which Olivia adds to her list of things she’s been doing wrong as an Upir. She goes on to lay out all the things that are going to change – how she’s going to be noble and inspiring fighting cancer, how she’s going to be a better mother, a better girlfriend, better everything and Norman scoffs at it all. And then viciously describes what will happen to her as she faces the side effects of the drugs and the cancer advances and then throws in that he knows she’s an Upir. She tries to appeal to him but he shouts her down – he’s also not going to try and kill her. He thinks watching her die slowly from cancer will be better. He leaves and Olivia seems to go from tragic to angry. After having her heart broken Olivia goes down to The Godfrey Institute where she kills Prycilla and feeds on her curing her cancer and then goes off to find her granddaughter. Olivia arrives at the doctors office to get Nadia where she begins to fight Dr. Arnold Spivak where Miranda is with her granddaughter. The doctor plans to kidnap Miranda and Nadia but Olivia shows up. She then starts to fight him off. She scratches him to find that he has scales under his skin and seems to be just as strong as Olivia. However Olivia manages to defeat the doctor but she then sees Miranda has escaped with the baby. She then goes to the Institute in search for Nadia when she comes across Norman. Olivia and Norman run into each other – he stabs her with the hypodermic, but doesn’t depress the plunger and she rips out his heart. She also sends a little text to Michael using Norman’s phone that she’s going to hunt him down next. At the top of the roof of The Godfrey Institute Miranda has jump with Nadia trying to kill herself and the baby. However they are rescued by a flying creature that looks like Dr. Arnold and Olivia is amazed to see the winged creature. The season closes with a video of Olivia singing a love song at the karaoke bar.