Order of the Dragon
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The Order of the Dragon

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Demons and the Dogstar

The Order of the Dragon is an organization of supernatural hunters that devote their lives to smiting "God's enemies" which mostly include Upirs, Werewolves and Witches.

  • Initiation

Only humans can have the opportunity join the Order. In their initiation the person must kill a supernatural being no matter who or what they are as a sign of their loyalty to both the Order and to God.


Order-of-the-Dragon Symbol

The symbol of the Order of the Dragon.

After the initiation is completed the new initiate will have a ceremony. In the ceremony the person must wash off the blood of the supernatural being that they have killed as the chancellor chants in an unknown language. After the chancellor has finished his chant the person then must recite these words:

"We and the barons and magnates of our kingdom shall bear and have and do choose and agree to bear and wear the sign or effigy of the dragon, in-curved into this form of a circle, its tail winding around its neck, divided through the middle of its back with blood forming a red cross, but it remains untouched by that blood, just as all of those who fight under the banner of the glorious martyr St."

The chancellor then tells the person about the "east" and anoints them with the symbol of the Order of the Dragon.

Activity of the Order Edit

The Order of the Dragon also masquerades as a company named Lod LLC who wants to buy Norman Godfrey's shares in The Godfrey Institute. They were actually meant to monitor and police the activities of non humans, especially Upirs, for their hunger, killing those who acted savagely and letting live those who were rational in their thinking and less prone to kill humans. Bishop Francis reveals that Dr. Pryce has been doing research for him to cure Upir's of their upirism.

The Caul Edit

A group of cultists known as the Caul were formed out of members of the order. These cultists were extremists who specialized in killing all supernaturals, usually by killing the suspected when they are children. These suspected supernaturals were born with a caul, marking them as their targets. They also performed kidnappings of children, making them become part of their cult and kill other children. They made their killings appear to be accidents. One of their supposed beliefs were that their killings were going to bring the Apocalypse and bring God to Earth to save his people. They were known to wear white face masks.

Known MembersEdit

It should be noted that the title of this secreat organization is named and based upon the same order wich Vlad III Tepes (Dracula) belong to in past.