Prycilla's complete form.

Blood Pressure - At The Godfrey Institute Pryce and a Russian scientist Dr. Galina go to inspect Project Ouroboros and we see a blonde girl floating in a glass box. The floating girl who is named "Prycilla" has developed much more since the last time we had seen her and looks almost ready to come out into the world.

Hemlock Diego's Policy Player's Dream Book - Roman meets with Pryce in his secret lair in the sub-basement, where he sees the girl in the box. Pryce tells Roman her name is Prycilla, and she’s the first human being to ever be created in an extra-uterine environment.

Prycilla's 1st Death

Prycilla being killed by Dr. Pryce.

Lost Generation - Pryce takes Shelley to Prycilla and tells her that he intends to map Shelley’s brain pattern onto the body. “This is the new you,” Pryce declares. Shelley hugs Pryce in gratitude as Prycilla opens her eyes. Later, Shelley inspects the body on her own and realizes Prycilla is awake, aware, and alive. Pryce finds a distraught Shelley on the roof of the Institute. He tells her everyone loves her and is happy she’s back, but Shelley believes she’s putting everyone in danger. She also tells him that the new body has a soul, she knows because they communicated, and if getting a new body means replacing that girl’s soul, she doesn't want it. In an effort to convince Shelley to take the body, he shows her that Prycilla is just emulating Shelley, and that there’s no actual brain activity in the body. Once Shelley agrees to the procedure and leaves, Pryce plugs in the computer monitor and reveals that he knows Prycilla has brain activity and a soul after all, and he intends to kill her for Shelley. Later that day Pryce goes to Prycilla and shuts her life support off, telling her that he’s placing Shelley’s livelihood over his own success as a scientist.

Prycilla and Shelley

Prycilla and Shelley meet for the first time.

Unicorn - At The Godfrey Institute, Johann continues his plan to upload Shelley’s brain into Prycilla. The process seems more like creating a Shelley copy in Prycilla then killing Shelly. This does not sound ideal and I think Shelly has doubts though Johann thinks it’s perfect, especially since Shelley is wanted for murder. Later Prycilla sneaks in and meets Shelly for the first time. Prycilla wants Shelly to stay in the White Tower; she desperately tells Shelly that she’s beautiful, that she can live and deserves to. They lie together but Shelly is determined to go through with dying. Dr. Galina Zhelezhnova-Burdukovskaya gives a lot of info to Olivia. Firstly, the blood sludge Johann makes isn't for upir, it’s just the bi product of his failed experiments – in other words, it’s previous Prycilla’s he’s tried to create all ground up in a vat. And if Olivia wants to beat her cancer the best way is to eat his successful experiment, Prycilla. At The Godfrey Institute Olivia leans over to bite Prycilla and Prycilla wakes up and calls Olivia mother stopping Olivia from killing her.

Prycilla's dead

Pycilla's dead body.

Prycilla's death

Johanna finds Olivia has killed Prycilla.

Demons and the Dogstar - Johann discusses Shelley's funeral arrangements with Shelley and Prycilla and double check the kid she met will be looked after. Shelley lays down and Johann starts the drip that will slowly kill her. Prcyilla can’t bring herself to stay for it and leaves crying. Norman storms into The Godfrey Institute to ask what’s happening with Shelley and Johann explains what they did and Norman is incensed calling Johann a cunt much to Johann’s shock. He, of course, blames everything on Olivia which Johann has to protest since Prycilla is actually Olivia’s cure for cancer – a cure she decided to forgo for the sake of Shelley. Norman wonders about maybe Olivia using Prycilla but then hears what they plan for Shelley – he and Johann run to Shelly’s side, but she’s already dead. He hurries to save her with drugs and a defibrillator set to over 9,000 to bring her back to live. Alive, Shelly looks at her bandaged hands and cries asking why. Dr. Pryce has found Prycilla but he is too late Olivia has already killed her and is standing over her dead body covered in Prycilla's blood.

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