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Roman Godfrey
Biographical Information

Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, United States of America


Student (Formerly)
CEO of Godfrey Industries




Alive (Resurrected)



Relationship Information

Olivia Godfrey
J.R. Godfrey
(legal father/biological uncle) Nadia Godfrey
(maternal half-sister)
Juliet Godfrey
(maternal half-sister)
Shelley Godfrey
(maternal half-sister)
Letha Godfrey
(cousin/paternal half-sister)
Norman Godfrey
(uncle/biological father)
Unnamed Maternal Grandfather †
Unnamed Maternal Aunt †
Marie Godfrey

Character Information
Portrayed By

Bill Skarsgård



First Appearance

Jellyfish in the Sky

Last Appearance

Demons and the Dogstar

Roman Godfrey is half human, half Upir, and one of two surviving children of Olivia Godfrey and J.R. Godfrey. He is from and resides in the supernatural-esque town of Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania in the Godfrey estate with his mother Olivia with whom he has a volatile relationship and younger sister Shelley Godfrey over whom he is very protective and loves dearly. Roman is best friends with Peter Rumancek, whom he first meets in episode one. They have a close relationship. He is also very close with his cousin Letha Godfrey. At one point, he is mesmerized by Olivia and forced to rape Letha resulting in the birth of Nadia in the episode Birth.

Early LifeEdit

Roman is the eldest living child and only son of Olivia and J.R. Godfrey. His parentage, however, has come into question since Olivia was having an ongoing affair with J.R.'s brother Norman Godfrey at the time of his conception. Norman is Roman's biological father. He was born with a caul (a skin membrane covering the head and face), a fact in which Olivia took great pride.

In Roman mythology, the caul indicates that the child would be destined for greatness, which Olivia strongly believed. It is easy to see how much his mother believes in this: after removing the caul, Olivia later eats it. When Roman was just a child, he found his father dead on the living room floor, and discovers that he had committed suicide. He later tells Peter that his firsts thought was that he believed his father would get into a lot of trouble for making such a mess.

Throughout The SeriesEdit


Outwardly, Roman personifies the stereotypical "rich boy" who shrouds his insecurities with his wealth and drugs. As the show progresses, Roman is revealed to be sensitive, as seen in how he cares for Shelley, and lonesome in nature, as seen in how he adheres to his first friend Peter. He is loyal and kind to Peter, as well as his cousin Letha, and his younger sister Shelley, and exhibits a genuine desire to be a good person throughout the series. He has performed multiple heroic acts, such as battling the vargulf alone after Peter is seemingly killed, as well as protecting Shelley from school bullies and saving Peter from murderous vigilantes. In season 2, he helps Peter save the life of at least one child. He shows his more evil nature in season 1, when he raped a girl during a psychological break/drug overdose. He also seemingly killed his mother by ripping out her tongue, but that was mainly to protect his baby, Nadia, whom Olivia was threatening. Throughout season 2, Roman goes to great lengths to keep Nadia safe. Overall, Roman is a conflicted and severely troubled but generally benevolent character.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Roman is tall, attractive, and fairly well built; his skin is pale, and hair a dirty blonde color, streaked with darker shades of black. His eyes are a green/hazel color. He is always clean shaven and very well dressed at all times embodying his wealthy persona. 

In the first Season, his hair is often unkempt and pushed back all the time. At times he sports cuts on his face from drug-induced self-harm. His clothes are also mostly lazy/casually styled as well. 

In the second Season, Roman's hair is very well kept and usually slicked back formally. He's seen wearing more suits and less casual clothing, as he's taken his spot within the corporate world.  


  • Peter Rumancek: Peter is Roman's first real friend. Their relationship is strained given their mothers' dislike for each other, but they grow to become best friends. He reaches out to Peter to bring out a good side in him that is apparently hidden. Peter and Roman are later shown to be distantly related. They share the same dreams, and care deeply for the same women (Letha and Shelly). They are related through Olivia; her bastard child Magdalena is likely the grandmother or great-grandmother of Peter's grandfather Nicolae, and thus Olivia is Peter's great-great-great-great-grandmother - as well as Roman's mother. After Letha's death in childbirth, Peter leaves Hemlock Grove with his mother at the one time Roman needs him most. Roman is deeply hurt and angry at him for this. After Peter's return in season two, they mend their wounds and over time, the broken relationship builds back up.
  • Shelley Godfrey: One of Roman's greatest redeeming qualities. He is incredibly protective of Shelley, at the cost of confronting even his mother, whom he generally fears. He tends to her affectionately and protects her, but considers her to be powerfully insightful. In the labyrinth of his mind Shelley appears as his angelic guide. 
  • Olivia Godfrey: Roman's mother adores him more than she does any of her other children. She expects great things from him, as a result of him being born with the caul, upon which she privately feasted. She later proclaimed to Roman's father, JR, that, "He will always be mine." She is incredibly controlling of Roman's actions. She often taunts Roman into action; manipulating him and several other characters throughout the story. Her interest in him sometimes seems disturbingly sexual in nature (lots of unnecessary shoulder-rubbing, touching, etc.), and she at one point forces him to rape and impregnate his cousin while he is incapacitated by her power.
  • J.R. Godfrey: Roman's father whom he remembers little of, but confronts in his coma. When he was very young, he found his father dead in the living room after he'd shot himself. Roman also learns that he may not in fact be his real father.
  • Letha Godfrey: Roman's cousin/half-sister and the mother of his child with whom he shares an incestuously close relationship. Before the arrival of Peter in town Letha was Roman's only friend.  At the end of season one, it is found out that Letha's father, Norman Godfrey, might in fact also be the father of Roman.
  • Dr. Norman Godfrey: Letha Godfrey's father and Roman's biological father (as admitted by Norman Godfrey season 2). Norman seems to carry a suspicious attitude with regard to Roman and Letha's relationship, but as the season progresses it is reassured that Roman cares deeply for Letha. In Roman's coma he appears as Roman's therapist.
  • Nadia Godfrey: Nadia is Roman and Letha's baby daughter who is a quarter upir and has the ability to kill someone by staring at their faces. Roman is protective of Nadia and appears to care for her deeply, going to great lengths to protect her from her grandmother, Olivia, who tried to get Roman to kill Nadia in the finale of season 1.
  • Miranda Cates: Roman's and Peter's primary love interest in season 2. She first has sex with Peter, then with Roman, and finally initiates a threesome with the two of them.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Enhanced Strength: Roman has used his enhanced strength countless times, once even to send a person flying 20 feet through the air while other times he has grappled with and overpowered others or choked them with one hand in an grip seemingly the strength of metal. His strength has allowed him to overpower humans, even someone like Johann Price, with little effort while performing feats such as sending people flying into the air or tearing flesh with his bare hands requires more effort. He was able to rip Peter's wolf form in half and pull him out of its shredded body.
  • Mesmerization: Who ever has Romans face and eyes in their line if sight and whoever Roman has in his his line of sight, Roman can control by speaking. Roman has used his power of mesmerization countless times, he has used it to initiate sex with women, he has used it to make a cop stick a gun in his mouth and to make people lose their memory.
  • Roman-Grodfrey-Season-2-Screencaps-hemlock-grove-37346570-642-360

    Roman is capable of pulling Peter's wolf body apart with enough effort to retrieve Peter from it

    Enhanced Durability: Even as a half Upir Roman would constantly cut himself without feeling much pain, though he was taking drugs like cocaine at the time, after he had became a full upir his durability advanced he was able to slam his head on a mirror with great force without feeling it and without a single scratch. He was struck in the back with an metal pole when he attacked and fed on a homeless man but it landed on him like he was made of metal and did nothing to him
  • Regenerative Healing: Roman can heal in a very rapid time. though not as fast as his mother and not to the point were he will be able to avoid great discomfort.
  • Immortality: Because Roman is a full upir he will can not age and is immune to all diseases.



Roman has a lower tolerance to pain and more human ease in his strength and other physical abilities when he is loses blood, proved when a Caul member foguht him on equal grounds and he needed a shovel to fight the member who had a knife and cut his arm

Because Roman is a full upir his weaknesses are limited:

  • Decapitation: Decapitation will temporally kill him, but only burning him will completely kill him.
  • Stabbed in the Heart: If Roman is stabbed in the heart, they will be weak enough to burn and completely kill.
  • Burning: Fire is the one thing that truly that can kill an upir.
  • Desiccation: If an upir is abstained from blood for too long then, they will be weak and rabid, causing them to be reduced to a feral state and lose control of themselves.
  • Physical Trauma: If he is drained of blood he will become capable of experiencing damage and pain, though only being fully burned will truly be fatal while anything else will simply bring him pain and cripple him until he feeds.


  • 'Roman' comes from the Latin word "romanus", which means "of Rome". In this initial sense, the title "Roman" means "a citizen of the Roman Empire", a man of Roman (or Byzantine) culture, Latin or Greek.
  • The name is significant because it comes from the Etruscan founder of Rome, Romulus, who was raised by a she-wolf, and was known for being both ruthless and fair, and was also a god separate from men as he was himself the descendant of Mars the god of blood and war.
  • Olivia's Romanian origin also gives the name significance because Romania and is populous that come from the intermarriages of the Romanians and the Goths
  • Godfrey, is however, of Germanic origins and derives from the personal name 'God-Freida'. This was composed of the elements 'guda', meaning good, and 'frid' - peace, which is somewhat ironic for the shows portrayal.


  • "I don't want to progress. I want to be human." (season 2, episode 2)
  • "I'm running a business. Not a daycare for fucktards!"
  • Olivia: "You have no heart!" Roman: "It's hereditary."


  • By the second season Roman is 18 years old, a single father, and the CEO of Godfrey industries.
  • Roman drives a Jaguar XK150 in the first season and a Maserati in the second.
  • Roman was born with a caul (in Roman mythology, a sign that child was born for greatness) which may be significant in Olivia's decision to name him thus, given her apparent belief in the Roman myth.
  • While in the second season Roman had an extendable mouth that he can use to enhance his jaw strength further than his own great jaw strength, he had canine teeth the transformed into pointed and elongated fangs in the first. This is a reference to the actual book that the series is based on, as Roman had grown fangs at the end of the book.


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