' - Roman is first seen acting out a sexual fantasy with a prostitute. While they are having sex in his car, Roman takes an old razor cutting his finger and rubbing the blood in the shape of the ouroboros over the prostitute's shoulder – this being the first instance of the symbol used as well as the first time we see Roman's fascination for blood. After having an argument with his mother, which leads to him going shopping with her, she rents out the entire amusement park for him and Letha. He later sees Peter for the first time at school, both intrigued by the other's presence. Peter realizes what Roman is (his species) the minute he first sees him, going home to tell his mother that he met an Upir who doesn't seem to even know that he is something else besides human. Later, Roman goes home and does the same telling his mother about Peter and how he is a gypsy. Later Roman speaks to Peter for the first time accusing him of killing Brooke Bluebell.

The Angel - Continues were the last episode ended, during Peter and Roman's conversation. In this scene we see Roman using mesmerization when he looks at the policemen telling them to leave and they go along with it, without question. Using this influence over others, however, is shown to give him a nosebleed. Again at school, we see another instance of Roman's bloodlust. When he sees a girl’s tampon sticking out of her bag he follows her to the bathroom engaging in oral sex and consuming her blood, as seen by his bloody handprint on the floor. He later gives Peter a ride home where they begin to bond over Roman's car, thus beginning their friendship. When in the car later, Roman sees Peter's sketch of an ouroboros he says he dreamt of the symbol the night before. When Roman and Letha leave the Halloween dance he stops the car, seeing Francis Pullman laying on the road. When he gets out to check if he is injured, Francis points to Roman saying, “you did it”, later we learn he was accusing Roman of raping Letha. After learning Peter is a werewolf, he watches him transform into his wolf form.

The Order of the Dragon - We see Peter's dream were an ouroboros made out of blood forms on Roman's shirt. This shows that Peter has been experiencing the same dreams as Roman about the ouroboros. When he sees Shelley being bullied by some classmates, Roman comforts her by showing his protectiveness over her and uses mesmerization to make one bully kiss the other.

In Poor Taste - He is first seen in the kitchen having an argument with Olivia, showing his volatile relationship with her. After leaving the kitchen he and Shelley make a stop at a local shop where he says his sister deserves diamonds as big as the Ritz then proceeding to rub her cheek which always seems to activate her luminescence. Later that night Roman and Peter go to the cemetery to dig up Lisa Willoughby 's grave. They do this to gather her intestines, later giving them to Peter's cousin.

Hello, Handsome - We first see Roman overlooking Peter and Letha's conversation, with them not knowing, with a face of jealousy. Later an officer comes to his house in suspicion that he had dug up Lisa's grave causing another argument with Olivia. Peter later takes him to his cousin Destiny 's apartment to deliver the organs they gathered from Lisa's grave. She uses the organs to help Peter communicate with Lisa so he and Roman can find her killer. Later that night at the gala to commemorate JR at The Godfrey Institute, Roman engages in sex. During this encounter, he takes a razor blade and cuts across his chest, both traumatizing the woman giving him oral sex and further exemplifying his obsession with blood.

The Crucible - We see Roman and Peter spying on the Willoughby house waiting to break in. Roman decides to mesmerize Mr. Willoughby instead, and then the two enter the house to look for an invitation the deceased girl might have left behind as it could be a clue to the events that led to her death. When Lisa's sister walks in on them snooping in Lisa's room, she helps them in their pursuit by giving them the invitation which leads the guys to the old steel mill owned by Roman’s family. When they arrive at the mill they find the bottom half of what remains of Lisa Willoughby. When the cops arrive to arrest them for trespassing on Olivia's demand, Roman tries to use his mesmerization to keep the cops from entering the mill and arresting Peter, since Lisa’s remains are there and Peter is a suspect in the murders. The fact that the cops are wearing sunglasses seems to stop it from working, so Roman behaves erratically and is taken away.

Measure of Disorder - Roman is first seen in the car with Olivia arguing about the fact that she had him arrested when he was on Godfrey property. She threatens to cut him off financially but quickly brushes it off when he tells her that he hears them too. Later at dinner with his mother and sister, he defends Shelley when Olivia gives her a hard time about taking the bus alone, stating that he doesn't even know how to do that. When he stands up for his sister again and Olivia threatens him, he says that he's seen JR's will and that he is the sole beneficiary, and will inherit everything once he is of age. When Olivia leaves he rubs Shelley's cheek making it glow, puts the earing back on, and kisses her on the head. Later when he goes to check on Shelley when she's sleeping, he notices that she's painted an ouroboros, the symbol prevalent in his dreams. When he has a smoke with Peter during school, he tells him about a lead at the Godfrey Institute, to which he refers as the "white tower". When Peter says that what they’re doing is over Roman doesn't take it well, telling him he can't walk away from this. His jealousy resurfaces as he warns Peter that if he has sex with Letha he'll kill him. When he later does cocaine, he takes a razor blade and cuts his face. Roman uses the dripped blood to apply as lipstick on his face, saying "shut up and kiss me" then blowing a kiss to the mirror. Dr. Clementine Chasseur comes to interrogate Roman about the murders right after, he admits to most of the things he knows, such as the existence of the vargulf. When Norman calls him asking where Letha is he realizes she is with Peter. When he heads down to Peter's trailer, he sees the two hooking up. He heads to a classmate’s house and, although he at first seems emotionally destroyed, he becomes enraged and proceeds to rape her, but makes her forget he was there using mesmerization.