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Shelley Godfrey
Shelley Godfrey
Biographical Information

1999 (age 15)


Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, United States of America


Student (at Hemlock Grove High School) (formerly)


1/2 Demon, 1/2 Human


Alive (resurrected)

  • Unknown (1st time)
  • Euthanized (2nd time)
Killed By
Relationship Information
Character Information
Portrayed By

Nicole Boivin (season 1)
Madeleine Martin (season 2)



First Appearance

Jellyfish in the Sky

Last Appearance

Demons and the Dogstar

Shelley Godfrey is a reanimated child of Olivia and J.R. Godfrey. She maintains many demonic features much as her mother had in her youth. Shelley is completely devoted to her brother, Roman Godfrey as he is to her. Though she is mute in the first season the voice in her mind that she would often speak in sounded like a smart, sophisticated woman. She also has strong intelligence shown through conversations with her Uncle Norman. However Shelley does find her voice in the second season which by the tone indicates that she is truly a child by heart.

Early LifeEdit

When Shelley was only 1 years old old she had died of unexplained reasons (possibly by her mother Olivia). After J.R. had found out that Pryce could reanimate people using one of his projects he had took Shelley's body to Pryce. Pryce's work was successful however not without some unforeseen consequences, Shelley had become deformed and given the ability of Luminescence. One year later J.R. has emotionally disown Shelley calling her an abortion. On the night of J.R.'s death, J.R. with a gun in his hand watched Shelley sleep as she glowed in her crib and wheezed. Later that night J.R. committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

Throughout The SeriesEdit


Shelley is best described as a gentle giant and is never seen in an immoral light. She is a seven foot seven inches tall girl who is simply hard to miss. She dresses in dark colors and always hides a misshapen portion of her face from others. Though she is teased and treated somewhat cruelly by her mother, Shelley remains a very loving person who is quick to warm up to kindness. Her talking tablet is often hanging around her neck though she needs little help in the intelligence department. Her writing is incredibly profound despite the difficulty doing personality.

Physical AppearanceEdit

When she is frightened or touched, usually by her loving brother, her skin will give off an iridescent glow. Her height and name are as some fans might have suspected a direct nod to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein novel. Shelley's resemblance to Frankenstein's Monster "Adam" is intentional. In the second season however, she has changed drastically, becoming much shorter and more human like. She is growing hair and she might even change into looking like a human, her arms and hands are revealed to be charred, blistered and unnatural. It is unknown if her hands and arms will change though.


  • Roman Godfrey: Roman is Shelley's older and loving brother. When she is seen being teased in school Roman steps in to defend his younger sister and take revenge on her bullies. He often rubs her cheek which activates her luminescence.
  • Olivia Godfrey: Olivia is Shelley's mother, their relationship is rocky and unstable. Olivia is always trying to control Shelley's actions, yet Shelley is always trying to break free and gain independence. In the second season, Olivia starts to actually treat Shelley much more sweetly, like how she treats Roman.
  • Peter Rumancek: Peter is friends with Shelley, and shows her affectionate kindness and compassion that many of her schoolmates do not.
  • Prycilla: Friend, sister-like, temporary host body.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Enhanced Strength: Shelley has been shown to have incredible strength possibly due to her half demon side. She has been show to be so strong that she can lift both Roman and Johann, she has also used her strength to over power the vargulf and also to rip the vargulf in half. Even after Shelly's immune system was wiped out she was still able to fend off against five seruity guards at The White Tower.
  • Luminescence: Due to one of Johann's experiments on her when she was a child when Shelley is feeling strong emotions her face or body begins to glow. Her face would also glow when someone would touch a certain part of her face. However Shelley's power of luminescence has been deactivated due to her immune system being wiped out after she was shot twice by the Sheriff.


  • Mortality: It is unknown if Shelley possesses the power to rapidly heal. However even after she was shot twice by the Sheriff she was still able to run away and even after months had passed she did not die due to gunshot wounds however it did take away her immune system making her vulnerable to any fatal physical trauma and can be killed like a normal human.


  • Shelley is a unisex name that comes from the origins of Hebrew, Germanic and Old English language, From Old English roots, its meaning is "meadow on a slope".
  • Godfrey, Shelley's surname is of Anglo-Saxon or Irish origin along with being from the Germanic name Godafrid, which meant "Peace of God" from the Germanic elements God and frid "Peace". 


  • "Astonishing how much of the worlds troubles can be erased by the simplest smile." (season 1, episode 4)
  • "I cannot tell how it mounts on the winds, "through the clouds, and flies through heaven. (season 1, episode 4)
  • You promised you'd always be here for me, but you're a liar! You're selfish and and you know how much I love you, but I hate you for making me see it. I have always defended you, but I cannot defend this. You are not allowed to remove yourself from my life."(season 1,episode 8)


  • Shelley's name is in reference to Mary Shelley, author of "Frankenstein" because of her Frankenstein like features.
  • Shelley's email address is "".
  • Shelley has been nicknamed "glow-worm" by Pryce due to her glowing power.
  • Even though Shelley and Johann are not related by blood or any other way she still calls him "Uncle Johann".
  • Throughout Season 1 before Shelley discovered her voice she would use her phone to talk to others using an unknown app.


  • Shelley Godfrey
  • Shelley Godfrey
  • Shelley Godfrey
  • Shelley Godfrey
  • Shelley Godfrey
  • Shelley Godfrey
  • Shelley Godfrey
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  • Shelley Godfrey

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