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Shelley Godfrey
Shelley Godfrey
Biographical Information
Born 1999 (age 15)
Home Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Occupation Student

Olivia Godfrey
J.R. Godfrey
(maternal half-sister)
Juliet Godfrey
(maternal half-sister)
Roman Godfrey
(maternal half-brother)
Nadia Godfrey
(maternal half-niece/paternal cousin)
Letha Godfrey
(paternal cousin)
Norman Godfrey
(paternal uncle)
Unnamed Maternal Grandfather †
Unnamed Maternal Aunt †
Marie Godfrey

Species Reanimated (1/2 Demon, 1/2 Human)
Abilities Strength
Status Alive (resurrected)
Cause of Death Unknown (1st time)
Euthanized (2nd time)
Significant Kill(s) Christina Wendall
Jason Blevins' family
Portrayed by Nicole Boivin (season 1)

Madeleine Martin (season 2)

Season(s) 12
First Appearance Jellyfish in the Sky
Last Appearance Demons and the Dogstar

Shelley Godfrey is a reanimated child of the Godfrey family. She maintains many demonic features much as her mother had in her youth. Shelley is completely devoted to her brother as he is to her. Though she is mute she does have strong intelligence shown through conversations with her Uncle. She is best described as a gentle giant and is never seen in an immoral light.


Personality Edit

Shelley is a seven foot seven inches tall girl who is simply hard to miss. She dresses in dark colors and always hides a misshapen portion of her face from others. Though she is teased and treated somewhat cruelly by her mother, Shelley remains a very loving person who is quick to warm up to kindness. Her talking tablet is often hanging around her neck though she needs little help in the intelligence department. Her writing is incredibly profound despite the difficulty doing personality.

Physical AppearanceEdit

When she is frightened or touched, usually by her loving brother, her skin will give off an iridescent glow. Her height and name are as some fans might have suspected a direct nod to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein novel. Shelley's resemblance to Frankenstein's Monster "Adam" is intentional. In the second season however, she has changed drastically, becoming much shorter and more human like. She is growing hair and she might even change into looking like a human, her arms and hands are revealed to be charred, blistered and unnatural. It is unknown if her hands and arms will change though.


Roman GodfreyEdit

Roman is Shelley's older and loving brother. When she is seen being teased in school Roman steps in to defend his younger sister and take revenge on her bullies. He often rubs her cheek which activates her luminescence.

Olivia GodfreyEdit

Olivia is Shelley's mother, their relationship is rocky and unstable. Olivia is always trying to control Shelley's actions, yet Shelley is always trying to break free and gain independence. In the second season, Olivia starts to actually treat Shelley much more sweetly, like how she treats Roman.

Peter Rumancek Edit

Peter is friends with Shelley, and shows her affectionate kindness and compassion that many of her schoolmates do not.

Letha Godfrey Edit

Cousin, Friend

Jenny Fredericks Edit


Prycilla Edit

Friend, Sister-like, Temporary Host Body (deceased)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Shelley has shown incredible strength when lifting up Dr.Pryce and her brother for a hug and also how heavily she was able to pound the table enough to frighten her mother. Her strength is also shown in the end of the series when she kills the Vargulf with her bare hands.


When Shelley is exceedingly happy, sad or afraid her face begins to glow a bright blue. It is often seen when Roman strokes her cheek, demonstrating love and happiness. It has also been seen when Shelley is fearful or sad. 


Shelley seems to have in-depth knowledge of how others around her are feeling, showing incredible empathetic ability.


When angry Shelley has caused objects to shake and lights to flicker.

Race Category DebateEdit

Much speculation can be made about Shelley's racial inheritance since she looks outwardly different and does not have an appetite for blood or flesh like her brother and mother. It is certain however that from her appearance she did inherit some demonic qualities which is reinforced by Olivia's persistence that Shelley maintain a diet mostly of red meat.

Her status of reanimation is revealed in an episode involving her father who turns her body, though possibly she is the same body as an aforementioned older child dug up later, over to the Godfrey Medical division for reanimation. (Season 1, Episode 5- Hello Handsome) Thus her strange facial deformity might have more to do with her decomposed tissue being replaced than a distinct demonic heritage. 


  • Shelley is a unisex name that derives from a surname which was originally derived from a place name meaning "clearing on a bank" in Old English.
  • Godfrey, Shelley's surname is of Anglo-Saxon or Irish origin along with being from the Germanic name Godafrid, which meant "Peace of God" from the Germanic elements God and frid "Peace". 
  • Shelley might be a subtle reference to Mary Shelley, author of "Frankenstein" - for obvious reasons.



  • Shelley Godfrey
  • Shelley Godfrey
  • Shelley Godfrey
  • Shelley Godfrey
  • Shelley Godfrey
  • Shelley Godfrey

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