True Shelley Godfrey

Shelley takes off her wig to reveal her true self.

  • Jellyfish in the Sky - Shelley is first seen walking down the halls of Hemlock Grove High School, wheezing as she walks into her classroom and causing banging sound due to her tall stature. After getting her bag she continues out the door and down the hall with a glowing blue face. While walking down the hall the Sworn twins make fun of her by acting like zombies. She then meets up with her older brother Roman. Later Shelley is seen having dinner with her brother and mother, Olivia, after dinner she goes into an elevator which takes her up to her room. She then sits in front of a mirror and takes off her hair (which turned out to be a wig) to show her deformed face as it begins to glow. We then see a flash back 13 years prior to today, Shelley's father J.R. standing in front of The Godfrey Institute calling Shelley an abomination and wanting to kill Olivia. He then goes home gets his gun and goes into the elevator to Shelley's crib but does not kill her but watches her in her baby crib glowing and walks off. In present day Roman comes into Shelley's room to find her crying after finding out about the death of Brooke Bluebell and is comforted by her brother.

Assertive Shelley

Shelley asserting herself to Olivia.

  • The Angel - In her attic/bedroom Shelley composes a letter to her uncle Norman about her day. Shelley is narrating what had happened with an intelligent voice that is being heard in her mind. She tells him about how she took his advise and asserted herself to her mother at the country club when she tried to order a salad though Olivia anted her to have her usual red meat. With help from Jenny Fredericks a waitress who has always treated Shelley with nothing but kindness, Shelley was able to stand up for herself before tearing a little. Olivia eventually gives in and allows Shelley to order what she wants. She begins to talks about the killings going on in Hemlock Grove and the gypsy boy that has been flavoring her, the students say that he is a werewolf, Shelley hopes that he has nothing to do with the killings. Later at the high school Shelley runs into Peter in the hallways he makes conversation with her until some other students knocks his books out of his hand. Shelley uses an app on her phone (she uses to speak with) to tell Peter she's sorry that happened to him but Peter tells her don't worry about it. Roman then shows up and tells Peter to get his hands off his sister but turns about he is joking and offers him a ride home.

  • The Order of the Dragon - At the high school Shelly is crying on the floor curled up being surrounded by a group of students asking her "how she killed those girls", "how did they taste", "who's next". Shelley being so kind and sweet continues crying not knowing what to do until Roman shows up, where he comforts her he then memorizes the two main male students who where bulling Shelley to kiss, which they do and then commands all of then to leave as he still comforts Shelley. Later at home Roman goes to Shelly's room where he washes her feet and touches her face to see a glowing blue line appear where his finger ran.

Shelley Has Seen The Dragon

Today Shelley has seen the "Dragon".

  • In Poor Taste - In the morning Shelley is having breakfast and reading the newspaper about the "demon dog" when Roman and Olivia walks in. Olivia takes away the paper and tells Roman to give Shelley a ride home after school she then ask him about the visitor that came to their house yesterday. Roman makes up excuses and jokes about why Peter was there yesterday until Olivia snaps and says "she won't have that filth in her house" scaring Shelley, Roman then takes Shelly to school. While on there way to school Roman and Shelley stop at a shop to find Jenny Fredericks however she was not as kind to Shelley as she once was since Olivia caused her to get fired from the country club. She speaks to Roman but then reverts her attention to Shelley to show her some earrings that she was holding for the perfect lady. Shelley tries them and Roman tells her that they look beautiful on her but Olivia will not like it so Shelley gives them back. After school Shelley is seen being entertained by Peter who tries to juggle three oranges. Roman gives Shelley, Peter and his cousin Letha a ride home where Roman asks her to get information from her father Norman about the "demon dog". Shelley being in the back seat is hearing everything until Peter secretly holds Shelley's hand making her smile. Later Shelley is seen in the White Tower awaiting Pryce and Olivia who gives her a check-up. Pryce and Olivia talk in secret for a while until Olivia goes outside for air. Pryce redirects his attention back to Shelley and show her a flower that he keeps in a glass jar which he calls a promise of more to come for Shelley. In her room Shelley is messaging her uncle Norman they talk about Christina and how she must feel since she was the one to find half of the body of Lisa Willoughby. She recites a poem to her uncle and say "Today I have seen the Dragon".

Shelley & Pryce

Pryce asking Shelley to keep Ouroboros a secret.

  • Hello, Handsome - 14 years earlier J.R. and Norman are seen driving up to the White Tower carrying a small coffin. They are met outside by Dr. Pryce the person who is in the coffin is revealed to be a deceased Shelley who they hand over to Pryce to reanimate. In present day Peter waves to Shelley who is eating alone on a bench however when Shelley waves back there is a fly following her hand. Later in her room Shelley is visited by Pryce who tells Shelley to keep his work a secret especially from Norman. He tells her that she has done nothing wrong but he needs her to keep Ouroboros a secret and to repeat nothing because is is that important and vulnerable. Pryce seeing Shelley is a little disrupted asks her to smile for him which makes her feel a little happy and then thanking her for her cooperation.

Shelley Catches Olivia

Shelley catches her fainting mother before she falls to the floor.

  • The Crucible - When Shelley and Olivia go to a local library Shelley wonders off to hear a story a librarian is reading to a group of children. When the children realize Shelley is there, most of then run away, one boy stares at her until he pees his pants and another who is quite kind to Shelley until his mother pulls him away. Olivia comes to Shelley's rescue and takes her away. Shelley begins reading a book by Rainer, Olivia comes carrying several books. When Christina Wendall walks in with her grandmother Shelley smiles and waves at her, Christina smiles back until she locks eyes with Olivia and then walk away. Olivia becomes dizzy and faints however Shelley catches. Her being so scared Shelley's face begins to glow. After Olivia has come to she calls Norman to give her a lift home, Shelley sees how her mother and Norman are together. As soon as they get home Shelley goes straight up to her room where she listens to rock music and begins to tear books apart after finding out about her mother and uncle's affair.

Shelley & The Family

After hearing about Shelley's bus ride Olivia becomes cross with her.

  • Measure of Disorder - At the Hemlock Grove General Store Shelley pays a visit to Jenny. Jenny ask where's Roman but Shelley shows her that she took to bus. Jenny knows that Shelley isn't just her for her "sunny personality" and pulls out the earrings that she had put aside for Shelley. Later at her home she, Roman and Olivia are having dinner. Olivia asks about everyone's day Roman gives her his usual does of sarcastic and Shelley tells her she took the bus. Olivia becomes upset, when Olivia sees the earrings in Shelley ears she becomes even more upset and tells Shelley awful things and commands Shelley to take off the earrings making Shelly cry and takes off her earrings. Roman stands up for his sister and Olivia threatens to cut him off. Roman tells her that he knows that J.R. left everything to him and nothing to her and all Olivia had to do was leave Shelley alone Olivia leaves the table kissing her children on the head. Roman then goes up to Shelley and puts her earrings back on her and kisses her on her head as well. Later Shelley goes to bed, Roman comes in and sees a painting that Shelley painted about The Godfrey Institute and Ouroboros. The next day when Roman is being questioned by Dr. Chasseur Shelley comes in but Roman tells her that it's okay and Shelley leaves.

  • Catabasis - Two versions of Shelley is seen in this episode. The "Normal Shelley" the one that resides in the real world and "Pretty Shelley" the one that resided in Roman's imagination during his coma.:

Shelley & Olivia

Olivia comforting Shelley due to Roman's coma.

  • Normal Shelley: After the news of Roman's mysterious coma Olivia has decided to keep Roman in her home instead of The Godfrey Institute. Shelley is seen carrying Roman's unconscious body onto a hospital bed which is set up in her room. Olivia and Shelley watch Roman awaiting and are deeply sad that Roman is in his coma. Olivia comforts her daughter, holding her hand and tells her "Strength and sorrow, give no thus to those you love the most." and then leaves. After Olivia leaves Shelley uses her phone to say "Come back, You promised you wouldn't leave me, I need you." At the end Shelley is typing on her computer writing a letter for herself. While typing on her computer her the voice in her mind is narrating Shelley says "I want a voice so I can scream! It hurts so much. Others can love without hate-- no conditions. But not you, not my proud brother Roman. No, you'd rather die first, so you take it out on everyone around you. You promised you'd always be here for me, but you're a liar! You're selfish and and you know how much I love you, but I hate you for making me see it. I have always defended you, but I cannot defend this. You are not allowed to remove yourself from my life."

Pretty Shelley & Roman

"Pretty Shelley" guiding Roman about of his coma.

  • Pretty Shelley: In Roman's mind it seems to be the "normal Shelley" walking towards him but then turns into "pretty Shelley" who's whole body is glowing. Roman figures out that the beautiful young woman standing in front of him is Shelley and tells her that Pryce drugged him. She tells him that Pryce is not the reason he's here and hands him a phone which shows a video of Roman's teacher talking about the "catabasis" meaning a ritualized descent into the underworld to accomplish a necessary task or defeat a dangerous adversary. He asks her want is it that he needs to do, Shelley tells him "You need to turn those pretty eyes inward toward the monster ripping you apart. Destroy the Dragon before its fire burns you alive" and disappears. While walking through the tunnels Roman ask Shelley if this is how she sees her self but the truth is this is how Roman makes her see herself. Shelley leads him to a door which leads him out of the tunnels however Shelley can not go with him. Roman has found his way back into the tunnels and to Shelley who tries to tell him that he is running out of time and that they need to hurry. It looks as if a glowing blue moon is coming towards them, Shelley hurriedly walks away leaving Roman by himself. Again Roman makes it out of the tunnel and into his house where he hears the Vargulf about to attack Shelley. Roman sings his axe at the vargulf turning it into ash, Shelley has mysteriously disappeared. While sitting on a bed Shelley comes in and sits next to him. She tells him that he can't go yet because they have barely scratched the surface. She then tells him "You must make your heart steel. "Pretty Shelley" is last seen leading Roman into an elevator which will lead him out of his coma.

  • What Peter Can Live Without - While Olivia is taking care of Roman who is still in a coma Shelley is sitting on the stairs listening to her mother sing a lullaby. Shelley gets a visit from Jenny who has heard that Roman had fallen into a mysterious coma she decided to go to the Godfrey Mansion to see Shelley and to see how she is doing. Jenny then comforts her with a hug to make her feel better. Jenny has left, Shelley is seen having fun with her cousin Letha and Peter playing a board game until Letha asks Peter to get her something to eat due to Letha being pregnant. In the early morning Shelley finds Peter sneaking out the house when he realizes she sees him he tells her "I'll be careful", causing her to her glow.

Shelley & Roman

Shelley embracing her brother after he awakes from his coma.

  • What God Wants - While in art class Shelley hears a tapping outside the window and excited to see that it is Roman who has made it out of his coma. He signals her to meet her in the hallway so Shelley makes up an excuse to go to the lady's room. When the two reunite Shelley embraces Roman lifting him off the ground. Shelley uses her phone to communicate with Roman. He tells her that he was something to do and not to tell Olivia he is awake. He doesn't want Shelley to worry about him even though Shelley doesn't want him to go but he can't walk away from what he has to do. He tells her that he'll he home soon and that he'll come back to her, Roman then makes Shelley glow by touching her cheek. Later Shelley goes up to her room to discover that Olivia knows that Roman is awake, Shelley tells her that she didn't know but Olivia knows she's lying. She sits next to Olivia and Olivia speak to her she tells Shelley that she's know what Roman has been doing this whole time and that these roles were assigned before recorded time. These same boards past a thousand generations, and somehow the climax is as unforeseeable and astonishing every time. Shelley asks Olivia if he'll be alright, Olivia responds "It's a pity you don't drink".

Shelley & Roman - Super Pinkie Swear

Roman "super pinkie swears" that he'll always be there for Shelley.

  • The Price - In her home Shelley walks in to find one of the Sheriff's deputies holding Peter in a choke hold and another pointing a gun towards her. Parts of her face begins to glow a dark blue color until Roman comes, tells her it's okay and wipes her tears. Shelley watches as her brother mesmerizes the cop's into uncuffing Peter and making them leave, with a cop having a gun in his mouth mesmerized by Roman. We next see Shelley who's whole face is now glowing. Later when Roman is in the kitchen collecting bacon grease to use in the defeat of the Vargulf Shelley walks in. Shelley tells him that the cooks and all the other help left because they were afraid of Peter, Roman tells her that he'll always be here for her and they "super pinkie swear". She ask Roman if she was in his dreams while in the coma and he tells her the truth she she was there and "more beautiful than this world deserves". He ask her about their mother but Shelley doesn't know and she says she's afraid but Roman tells her it's okay.

Emotional Shelley

Shelley becoming very emotional after hearing the death of Jenny Fredericks.

  • Children of the Night - Shelley is in her room awaiting for Roman to come back. when Norman comes in to pay her a visit. Using her phone Shelley ask him if "they're going to catch it" Norman tells her that they have some ideas. Norman tells her the truth about him and Olivia's affair and apologizes but Shelley has already known about this for quite some time. He tells Shelley she's a "lamp" meaning "You shine on people, You're either gonna show what's best in them or what's most crummy. You always got to see the best of me because there you were lighting the way, so it's even worse how you had to learn about my shit-heel side, but that's your tragedy, and nothing breaks my heart more." He then tells her that that the last victim of the killings was Jenny Fredericks. Shelley begins panting, glowing and crying, lights and everything electrical begins to flicker. Shelley runs away from Norman to an unknown location.

Shelley Kills The Vargulf

Shelley kills the vargulf to save her brother and Letha and avenge Jenny.

  • Birth - After Peter in his wolf form has defeated by the vargulf (who turns out to be Christina all hope seems to be lost as the vargulf is about to attack Roman and a pregnant Letha. Amazingly Shelley comes to the rescue and attacks the vargulf from behind lifting it up and snapping it's neck, reverting Christina back to her human form. Shelley looks over to wolf Peter who is seemingly dead and begins to glow. Roman begins to walk towards him Sheriff who sees Shelley standing over Christina's dead body assumes that Shelley was the murder of Hemlock Grove and shots her two times in the back. Shelley begins to run away but is being chased by the Sheriff however she is able to get away by help from Roman who mesmerize him to stop shooting at her. Later while Peter and Lynda Rumancek are leaving Hemlock Grove Peter looks out the window to see two versions of Shelley the "normal Shelley" and the "pretty Shelley" standing under a tree watching him leave Hemlock Grove.