Shelley & Jason

Shelley being brought food by Jason.

  • Luna Rea - A young woman is seen being chased through the woods by the recently resurrected Christina Wendall who is in her wolf form. When Christina attacks her the girl is able to punch the vargulf down with one single blow to the stomach. Still running for her life this girl is revealed to be Shelley Godfrey. After running through the woods non-stop until morning Shelley is still being pursued by the vargulf and runs into a short tunnel and onto the other side. The Vargulf soon chased after her and made it;s attack, however Shelley quickly beat Christina down with a small boulder hitting her several time, ripping off Christina's head and then tearing that in half. Shelley makes it to an abandoned house that has been foreclosed by a bank where she has taken shelter. Shelley is visited by a young boy named Jason who has helped her survive by bringing her food. Later at night Jason comes back to Shelley again drinking her something to drink and makes her new bandages from his mother's tee-shirt. Jason offers to help her change the bandages but Shelley tells him no, Jason then takes off his shoe to show her his toe which is sick (which his parents won't pay to take care of) trying to show her he's like her as well. Shelley lets him help and he unravels the bandages to show Shelley's fingers have rotted, Jason names Shelley's: thumb stumpy, index bloody, middle finger gooey and ring and pinkie squishy making Shelley smile.

  • Bodily Fluids - While in the basement of the abandoned house Shelley is being entertained by her friend Jason who shows "the old finger trick". Shelley takes off her bandages and breaks off part of her rotted finger and gives it to Jason. Jason tells her that his deceased grandfather taught him that trick and ask Shelley is she has a grandfather, father or mother but she tells him no. He then ask her if she has anybody and she begins to cry. A loud crashing sound comes from upstairs which turns out to be two teenagers doing drug's. Jason's abusive father then calls out for him for dinner, Jason gives Shelley a kiss on the forehead and leaves. Shelley however overhears how Jason's father is treating him becomes sad.


Shelley messaging her uncle to help her.

  • Hemlock Diego's Policy Player's Dream Book - Shelley is visited by her friend Jason again who brings her his parent's cell phone. Shelley logs into her email and sees all the messages that Norman has left for her to help her. She inbox's her uncle Norman telling him that she's okay, but she can't come back to Hemlock Grove just yet. Helping her more would only get him in trouble, she thanks him for not believe all the horrible this the town's people says she's done and that she'll always loves him no matter what happens. Later that night the neighborhood watch barges into the abandoned house that Shelley is staying at, Shelley disappears. Three men come in with flashlights after they have left Shelley rolls out of a broke refrigerator that she hid in panting for air. Shelley realizing that she needs her uncle's help messages him again typing "HELP ME".

Wp ss 20141218 0001

Shelley is rescued by Norman.

  • Such Dire Stuff - Jason comes to see Shelley again bringing with him his parents cell phone. Shelley is helping Jason to learn how to read and checking her email. Norman arrives at the place Shelley tells him to meet her, Shelley is constantly checking her email to see if Norman has messaged her. Jason who has fallen asleep on Shelley is woken up she gives him a hug good bye. After Jason has left Shelley makes her way out, Shelley sees her uncles van and is about to go towards it until she hears the screams of Jason. Shelley barges into Jason's home, Jason's father grabs his gun and accidentally shots the old woman next to Shelley. She grabs the gun and hits him on the face with it sending him flying onto a sharp piece of wood, Jason's mother then comes in with a butchers knife and stabs Shelley on the back however Shelley pushes her hard enough to throw her onto the dinner table killing her. Jason is seen curled up in the corner crying and Shelley tells him "Jason, I'm sorry". Shelley comes out of the house badly injured as Norman drives up to her and takes her into his van. Norman calls Pryce to help Shelley with her severe injury. Pryce saves her and Shelley is seen in cast. He tells her that she has lost her glow but has found her voice. Shelley asks about her uncle and he tells her Norman is gathering the family to see her.

Hemlock Grove0974

Shelley watching the "new her".

  • Lost Generation - Down the halls of The Godfrey Institute Shelley is rolled in a wheelchair by her uncle Norman to see her mother and brother waiting for her. Her brother Roman instantly embraces her tearing up a little and surprised to her his sister speak, while Olivia stands a small distance away shocked to see her daughter is alive. Shelley displays her new found voice to her brother and mother. In her hospital bed Shelley tells them what had happen to her, Olivia tries to be sympathetic however Roman thinking that Olivia is trying to pry on Shelley gets upset and they get into an argument but Pryce comes in and kicks them out. Roman sneaks back in to see Shelley, Roman tells Shelley that Olivia is not different and he's not going to let her worm her way back in. Later after Roman has left Pryce shows Shelley the new her, Prycilla. Pryce tells her that he can map Shelley's brain neural network onto it, uploading her consciousness, Shelley hugs Pryce as a way to say thank you. After Pryce had left Shelley sneaks back in to see the new her, when they meet eye to eye Prycilla begins copying all of Shelley's movements until Prycilla hits the glass with her hand scaring off Shelley. Pryce later finds Shelley on the roof on the White Tower, Shelley tells him that she shouldn't have come back to Hemlock Grove because she is putting everyone in jeopardy. Pryce tells her that her new body will fix everything but Shelley tells him that the girl has a soul and they talked with movements. In an effort to convince Shelley to take the body, he shows her that Prycilla is just emulating Shelley, and that there’s no actual brain activity in the body. Once Shelley agrees to the procedure and she leaves, unaware that Pryce had not plugged in the computer which reveals Prycilla has brain activity and a soul after all and he kills her for Shelley.

Prycilla and Shelley

Shelley meets Prycilla for the first time.

  • Unicorn - At The Godfrey Institute Johann continues his plan to upload Shelly’s brain into Prycilla, he studies Shelley's brain pattern on a hologram. Pryce has uploaded Shelley's neural networks to a server and then download it into Prycilla which will give Prycilla Shelly's mind, thoughts, memories, and personality. Pryce then tells her that they will need to dump Shelley's real boy in the woods since the police are still looking for her. Shelly has doubts about this however Johann thinks it’s perfect, especially since Shelly is wanted for murder. Later while Shelley is waiting in her room Prycilla walks in where they talk to each other (in words) for the first time. They then begin to admire each others face, Prycilla tries to convince Shelly to stay in the White Tower, telling Shelly that she’s beautiful, that she can live and deserves to. They lie together but Shelly is determined to go through with dying.


Shelley hugs her mother good-bye.

  • Tintypes - Shelley is reading on her tablet a book about twins and how they can feel each other's emotions like Prycilla and her when Pryce walks in. He tells her that everything is a success however Shelley could already feel happening. Shelly thanks him and Pryce tells her that it now time for them to "kill Shelley's current body." Shelly is prepared and knows that her body must go away now and she's ready. Only Norman and Roman will be told about Shelley after the process. Shelly tells him this is what she wants and that she wants Olivia to think she's dead. In Pryce's office Shelley walks in to talk to Olivia. Shelley apologizes to Olivia for having her as a daughter, because it must have been hard on her to see Shelley and feel so much guilt and responsibility for and she understands why she wanted to keep her hidden. Olivia is shocked that Shelley is telling her. She believed that Olivia loved her the best way she could, She also recalls the time Roman was Tin Man in a play at school and Olivia stayed up all night making his costume. Shelley tells Olivia that she would give anything to have someone look at her the way Norman looks at her, just once. However Olivia tells Shelley that she was selfish, she hasn't been a good mother in fact she had it harder on Shelley and wants to start over. They both then hug and part ways.


Shelley holding Prycilla's dead body.

  • Demons and the Dogstar - Shelley is awaiting for Johann with Prycilla right next to her holding her hand. Dr. Pryce walks in and tells them it's time, Prycilla tells Shelley she'll stay with her. Before Shelley dies she asks what will happen to her body, Pryce tells her he'll make sure that the police finds it. Shelley also tells him that she wants to be buried by the river the old cemetery looks over it. Shelley ask about Jason who Pryce has put him with a good foster family making Shelley happy with a smile. She tells Pryce he's ready and begins the process which will take 25 minutes. Norman comes in asking about Shelley where Pryce tells him everything. Norman thinks that Olivia is behind it because Olivia only cares about Olivia. Pryce tells him that Prycilla can cure her cancer but she had decided not to because she loves Norman and wants to live the rest of her life with him. Norman who had just broken up with Olivia thinks what if Olivia changed her mind, they realizes that Olivia is going to kill Prycilla and they hurry to try stop it. Norman rushes over to Shelley and revives her. When Shelley sees that she is still in her old body she beings to cry and ask "Why?". However Pryce is too late Olivia has killed Prycilla. Shelley is next seen in a room with Norman, Roman and Pryce, Shelley is holding Prycilla's dead body crying. Shelley refuses to leave Prycilla and becomes hysterical fighting off guards while crying over Prycilla's mutilated body, she is then taken away by 5 guards to the behavioral unit instructed by Pryce so that she won't hurt herself.

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