A group of cultists known as the Caul were formed out of members of the order. These cultists were extremists who specialized in killing all supernaturals, usually by killing the suspected when they are children. These suspected supernaturals were born with a caul, marking them as their targets. They particularly search for Nadia for fear of what she would do in the future. They also performed kidnappings of children, making them become part of their cult and kill other children. They made their killings appear to be accidents. After each murder, they mourn their victims, usually through self-inflicted harm as one member whipped himself after one of his killings. Another, after failing to kill a child, punished himself by cutting his legs and bleeding to death. One of their supposed beliefs were that their killings were going to bring the Apocalypse and bring God to Earth to save his people. They were known to wear white face masks.(I believe the caul to be POWER of unknown origin. Not good nor bad. Simply Raw energy to be used by the Heart of the ones entrusted with the Gifts. The rest is religious rhetoric) §Aaron D. Royal.