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Hemlock Grove
Season 1, Episode 3
Episode Information
Air date April 19, 2013
Written by Brian McGreevy
Lee Shipman
Directed by Deran Sarafian
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The Angel
In Poor Taste

The Order of the Dragon is the third episode of the first season of Hemlock Grove and the third episode in the series.


Christina discovers a new victim and Sheriff Sworn gets outside help from Dr. Chasseur. Now a suspect, Peter joins Roman to find the killer.



Norman Godfrey has a session with Francis Pullman, during which Francis rambles about being brought back to life and seeing things that he does not want to see. He also says he’s seen the “thing” inside of his daughter. Sheriff Tom Sworn tells Norman someone called to question about Francis, alluding to those in the White Tower being interested in the man.

Christina Wendall finds the body of Lisa Willoughby in the woods. At first she thinks it is a prank but soon realizes it is not and freaks out. She hallucinates about the body, showing how much it messed her up.

Peter returns home from his night as a wolf to find Roman Godfrey asleep on his couch. Roman promises that he will not tell anyone of Peter’s nature, and leaves the trailer. Peter, tired from the turn, sleeps in and has a dream of himself and Roman. Roman talks of the north flowing river and birds, and then an Ouroboros forms on his shirt in blood. He yells at the birds who then crash into the river, and then tells Peter that they are in this together.

About a week after the discovery of Lisa, Dr. Clementine Chasseur helps with the investigation and concludes that the attacker was an animal capable of empathy. She goes to meet with Christina who tells her that the killer is Peter Rumancek, the alleged werewolf.

At school, Peter tells Roman that the culprit has to be a vargulf, a wolf that has gone mad, and Roman suggests that they find him. Peter rejects this and goes to see his cousin Destiny Rumancek, a con artist but also very informed on the supernatural, who tells him to run. As Lynda Rumancek and Peter pack their things, the Sheriff arrives with Dr. Chasseur who asks Peter if he’s a werewolf. He denies this, but the questioning stops him from leaving town since he is now a suspect. He goes to Romans house and agrees to helping him find the vargulf and either help him or kill him.


Main CastEdit

Supporting CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Dylan Trowbridge as Nose
  • Marty Adams as Neck
  • Philip Craig as Bishop
  • Don Francks as Nicolae Rumancek (photo only)
  • Jacqueline Graham as Lisa Willoughby
  • Krista Marchand as Sleepy Woman (Dr. Chasseur's lover)


Songs from the ShowEdit

  • "Sister Song" by Perfume Genius (Roman bathes Shelley’s feet)
  • "Tender Mirror" by Jolie Holland (end credits)

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