Tyler Lane
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Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, United States of America





Relationship Information
  • Unknown
Character Information
Portrayed By

Landon Norris



First Appearance

The Angel

Last Appearance

The Crucible

Well you're on a date with a dork so what does that make you?
— Tyler to Christina [src]

Tyler Lane is a student at Hemlock Grove High School and Letha's ex-boyfriend.

Season 1Edit

The Angel - Tyler is first seen at the school's costume dance talking to Letha, his ex-girlfriend. Eventually, Tyler meets up with Christina, and the two lovebirds leave the dance floor to awkwardly sit in a stairwell not really looking at each other, then he manages to get the courage to ask her out on a date.

The Crucible - Tyler and Christina's movie date seemingly went pretty well, we next see them joking about the awfulness of the movie in the car. Tyler and Christina started to make out until Christina got a flashback to her unfortunate kiss with Lisa’s corpse and did her best to scratch Tyler’s eyes out, screaming the whole time. Later we see an ambulance arrived, treating Tyler's face.


Tyler seems to be a sweet and funny guy.


Tyler is a male who was brown medium height hair and bright blue eyes.


  • Christina Wendall: Christina had a crush on Tyler for a while and so her friends Alexa and Alyssa would sometimes tease her about it. Tyler did ask Christina to the movies and she accepted his offer. After the movie, while making out, Christina started to see the dead body she kissed as Tyler's face and began to scratch his face until it bled. Medics did, however, treat him. Tyler and Christina never spoke to each other again, but she was told by Sheriff Sworn that Tyler said that they were "still cool."
  • Letha Godfrey: Letha was Tyler's ex-girlfriend, but they broke up for reasons unknown. At the school's dance, Letha went up to talk to Tyler because she heard that him and Brooke were friends and wanted to know how he was doing.