Upir Feeding Tank
Upir Feeding Tank
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Hemlock Diego's Policy Player's Dream Book

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Demons and the Dogstar

The Upir Feeding Tank was a tank that was formerly used to develop the first artificial Humanoid, Prycilla . It then became the means of developing artificial tissue and blood for Upir to feed on in order to not bring suspicion unto themselves when they feed.

The artificial tissue and blood need to be adjusted into the Upir's system and metabolism, as it would either give them delusions that caused euphoria or cause the body to reject it as it did not recognize the substance as food, as well as a primal aggressive state. Adjustment is also difficult to the point where Upir temporarily become sick or violent. Olivia first tried to fracture Pryce's skull upon her first treatment and Roman almost vomited the supplement out and became momentarily sick.

The Upir Feeding Tanks were designed to develop Humanoids, but the project only succeeded in creating plasma and tissue supplements to fully control and rejuvenate upir. A fully developed Humanoid can completely repair and enhance an Upir's self reparation capabilities to unnatural levels to help them restore themselves from unnatural damage or conditions.