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General Information



Undead humans who feed on blood and who do not age, due to their Immortality



Upir (or opir) is a vampire-like species found in Ukraine and the natural enemies of werewolves. It is quite similar to the Russian legend of the Upyr, the Slavic Upior, and the Byelorussian Upor. This species start out as seemingly regular humans, though they seem to have a greater tolerance to pain and the ability of memorization. Using this power, however, puts strain on their bodies which is evident . After death by suicide, they become full Upir. Once they are in this stage, they will spend months or even years adapting to their new hunger for blood or raw tissue and will often have far less self-control and be prone to dangerously aggressive behavior. As they live out their infinite lifespan, their personality will become far colder and less prone to emotions, though they can still be prone to become very angry, a side affect of their aggressive nature. Their almost complete lack of emotions causes them to more cruel or sometimes even inhumane towards others. There are instances were their emotions can overwhelm them such as when they are sad, but it last for a very short time. They can continue living or be killed by cremation.


According to Folklore full Upirs are the spawn of witches and demons and a half-Upir is 1/2 human, 1/4 witch, and 1/4 demon.  It can be assumed that they have been around a long time perhaps since the beginning of time. But one can only assume that when a full Upir and another full Upir conceive children that the offspring would indeed also be a full Upir. It appears that those that are not full Upir but are a portion of it or have strong demonic gene in their bloodline will be prone to develop strange deformities, such as Olivia being born with a short tail like appendage on her back, Roman being born with a thick skin membrane or a caul over his body and normalskinn, which was removed, and Shelley having her misshapen appearance, though it seems to have disappeared due to her deaths or near death at the hand of Thomas Sworn, which may have caused her to die and come back and develop a more human like appearance. Nadia's inhuman blue eyes are her abnormal appearance that signifies her demonic lineage. When Roman transformed, he cut his arms and bleed out, causing marks to form on his arms in the palce of the wounds and his blood to move on its own up a wall and form a picture of dragon like wings.

Known UpirsEdit


Upirs are indistinguishable from humans. But when they are about to feed, their mouths will grow and extend and their jaws will stretch downward. This enhances their bite and jaw strength. Roman's canine teeth briefly transformed into fangs in the first season and this was an Upirs only transformation until the second season changed this, making the vampiric teeth non canon. A flashback of Olivia's awakening as a full Upir in the first season showed her with fanged canine teeth as well. While they do not truly physically change and have a perfected figure due to being Full Upir, they experience changes to their bodies, such as distrophe in their muscles or even cancer in unbelievably rare cases, but distrophe, sometimes even to the point were they need a cane to walk and develop wrinkles and signs of aging, is mostly an affect of not having blood in the system and being render almost mortal. Olivia developed these symptoms all the time after Roman drained her of blood. It is curious that Roman did not develop such symptoms after his treatments with Pryce, who transfused blood and tissue to Roman to make him human, all while Roman was fully conscious to experiecee the agony of the procedures, as anesthesia did not affect his system, just like anything that would affect human bodily system would not affect an Upirs in anyway due to their genetic differences and phenotypes.



In the first season, Roman briefly transformed his canine teeth into fangs.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Strength

Click For Animation Roman, a young upir being easily defeated by his centuries old upir mother, Olivia

Full-Upir, however, have abilities that are not possessed by half-upirs. A Full Upir's healing and durability are strengthened by their diet and their recovery ability can be taken away for months if they lose great amounts of blood,

Full UpirEdit

  • Enhanced Strength - Upirs are arguably the strongest beings in the series, as they have overpowered, mutilated, and killed humans and transformed werewolves with no effort. Upirs have been known to be more than capable of over-powering and easily able to more than easily kill humans bare-handedly, usually either through tearing of body parts and multilating them or bending and breaking their bodies in lethal ways, and send them flying 20 to 30 feet across the air. This also applies to Johann Price, a human with constant hysterical strength, fears Olivia Godfrey for her strength and was casually lifted in the air and lifted by the neck 7 feet high in one arm and pinned against the wall by Roman, a full Upir who had been similarly overpowered by Price when he was still only a Half Upir. A full upir can lift uplift and rend a transformed werewolf or vargulf with little effort, such as when Roman did this to Peter's wolf body to pull him out of it. It is possible that reanimated beings such as Shelley can be outmatched by Full Upir.
  • Regenerative Healing - Like all other abilities possessed by Full Upir, healing and all forms of physical recovery are greatly enhanced. Upir have the ability of physical recovery in seconds and recover from any injury except decapitation or cremation. Marks in the place of self inflicted mortal wounds will appear when an Upir transforms, leaving them healed. The scars of physical trauma, if any that was used to make them full Upirs seem to remain, as Olivia still has a scar on the small on her back and her tail like deformity had been before she cut it off and bled to death. Roman awoke minutes after slicing his forearms down to the tendons and bleeding to death, with only scars were the wounds had been.
  • Enhanced Durability Upir skin is strong enough to impervious to glass and anything as sharp as it. This can also mean they are immune to great physical trauma caused such by such things as falling on hard stone.
  • Mesmerization - All Upirs, half or full, have the ability to mesmerize people and gain full control of their minds, actions, and overall perception of reality by simply looking at a persons eyes. It is shown that full Upir are capable of using this ability on Half Upir, as Olivia used it on Roman to have him impregnate Letha Godfrey. It is only known that vargulfs are not susceptible to memorization while transformed, but it remains unknown if this is the case for regular werewolves or when werewolves are in human form. Upir can even mesmerize themselves by means of looking at their reflections eyes, such as Roman made himself see Shelley in visions, much like his catabasis, which also seemed to be some form of self inflicted mesmerization to put the pieces of a metaphysical puzzel together and defeat his inner demons. That was only when he was a Half Upir.
  • Immortality: An Upir can live forever until they are killed by one of their weaknesses. They mature at a certain age and then stop aging. Because they are immortal they are immune to all disease.

Half Upir

  • Superhuman Strength- Roman was shown to be strong enough to fend off a transformed vargulf with an axe handle, which broke minutes later. He was easily overpowered by Johann Price when he was Half Upir, showing that he is not that strong.
  • Regenerative Healing - Half Upirs appear to heal faster than humans. This is demonstrated by Roman, as he left several cuts on his body that were gone after a while. Although, Half Upir, while not requiring medicine, Roman did place bandages over the cut on his face.
  • Enhanced Durability Upir skin is strong enough to impervious to glass and anything as sharp as it. This can also mean they are immune to great physical trauma caused such by such things as falling on hard stone.
  • Mesmerization - All Upirs have the ability to mesmerize people, though Half Upir suffer nosebleeds and severe head pain, which according to Roman, is worse than being hit by a bus.


Upirs are reliant on human or synthetic blood and/or flesh, to satisfy their urges, they will weaken and become rabid without enough. They most often can get blood from raw meat or bone marrow or simply directly from the source as seen by both Olivia and Roman. Upir seeminlyy need to adjust to their new diet of blood and raw tissue and, while adjusting, their bodies will seemingly reject the blood and cause the Upir to vomit it out, and sometimes become slightly feverish and develop mood swings and all other drug withdrawal type symptoms, as blood to them is like a drug in their system. This also applies to any form of sustanance they may use, whether synthetic or organic, as when Roman trying to consume from an Upir Feeding Tank, vomited the food back out and became feverish and sickly for hours after.


Upirs are predatory creatures, and are far more brutal than their human appearance suggest. Although they can control themselves in a sophisticated and human manner, duress reduces them to a more feral state. This also applies their desire for blood. The longer they abstain from blood, the less in control of themselves they will be, leading to the high possibility of attacking and killing any human they are near. Upirs are capable of human emotions, such as compassion, love, and self-control. However, often with age the older they get the less intense these emotions become. Upirs at any stage will struggle with humanity at some point in their lives, as Roman did constantly.


Upirs are immortal, and do not physically age, remaining identical after reaching maturity in the discovery of their powers this may happen at differing ages, for instance, Roman reached full Upir status at 18 it is unknown when Olivia reached full Upir status but can be assumed due to her appearance to be in her late or mid thirties. Upir do not seem to age a day from the day they died and arose as the immortal creatures they become once they die, though their death must be at their own hand. But if they do age, they would stop aging when they reach their physical prime, as Olivia was a teen upon turning into a Full Upir and now has the appearance of a woman in her 30's. The only noticeable effects of aging are that they become physically stronger with age as shown with Roman only being able to defeat or kill Olivia at her consent, and are capable of discovering new powers, although these can be self-taught. Such an ability is possible to be telekinesis.


  • Decapitation - Separating an Upir's head from the rest of the body will result in its death.
  • Cremation - Cremation is one of the only ways an Upir can really die.
  • Heart Piercing - A direct strike to the heart cannot kill an Upir however it can weaken them for a while.
  • Hunger - Being deprived of blood and/or flesh not only causes an Upir to weaken, but also to lose their ability to control the urge to feed and become animalistic and feral.
  • Blood-lose - Without enoghh blood in their bodies, Upir can be rendered almost mortal and be vuneralble to long term effects of damage that blood cannot heal immediatlyy and require, such as when Olivia had loss of speech, was in a coma for almost a year, and had severe muscular distrophe after being drained of blood by Roman, which caused her to become so weak that she needed a cane to walk.

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