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A werewolf who turns on a wrong moon, driving them mad.



A vargulf is an insane Werewolf. Unlike normal werewolves, a vargulf will kill its prey without eating it. A vargulf will eventually die from the disease or insanity possessing it.

Known VargulvesEdit

Vargulf AppearanceEdit

Vargulf as just like werewolves when it comes to their appearance they are much bigger than regluar wolves. Their eyes glow a bright yellow. The fur of a vargulf mainly depends of the colour of their hair in their human form. Christina's vargulf form's fur was black like her hair at first but after all her stress of losing her best friends her human hair turned white and thus her vargulf form's fur turned white.


When a person turns they literally rip out of their human skin, their eyes pop out and are replaced with wolf eyes that glow yellow and their teeth fall out and replaced with fangs. When the vargulf has completed it change the wolf then eats the remains of their human skin.

Becoming a VargulfEdit

There is only one way to become a Vargulf, by turning too many times on a wrong moon, if a werewolf turns too many times without the full moon they will become a vargulf.

Reverting back to a WerewolfEdit

Their is only one known way to turn back into a werewolf, while in their vargulf form someone with extreme strength must rip their mouth open and pull the human form out of the vargulf body.


When a vargulf dies their head must be cut off before putting it into the grave if this is not done the the vargulf will come back from the dead crazed just like how it was in before.


A Vargulf kills their victims no matter if they provoke them or not they kill randomly if they see you then they will kill you. When a Vargulf kills they only eat some parts of their victims body but leave most of the body wherever.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


  • Turning: Once someone has become a Vargulf they are unable to control their turning.
  • Mortality: Because they do not have enhanced healing factors, vargulves can be killed anyway a normal human can be killed.
  • Mercury: Mercury is a liquid that can burn the skin of a werewolf.

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