Function To see "visions" of future events.

Visions is the power to see future events in the form of visions.


Visions are images and mental impressions experienced by Roman and Peter which first happen in their dreams. At first they seem random but then are seen to represent the future or something they must confront together, such as jellyfish in the sky represented the sky lanterns being shined for the first girl killed by Christina. The dreams also show a snake eating its own tail, the Ouroboros project and the vargulf, and the attacking snake, meaning something threatening would be confronted. After months later these visions had advance not needing for the user to be asleep but can happen at any time or anywhere. Other visions shown are a doll breaking and the Caul, foreshadowing a murder of a woman and the cultists being a threat. Both of these visions brought Roman and Peter together to fight each threat, though it is unexplained what is causing them to share their dreams and visions. These strange visions are capable of predicting the future or giving hints or clues that Peter and Roman need to follow. After a Ménage à trois with Peter and Roman Miranda Cates was able to experience a vision as well that was both similar and different to that of Peter and Roman's. It would seem that when visions are experience while the user is conscious, it causes them pain in their head.

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